Ant-Man, Paul Rudd

Trailer Time: Ant-Man Trailer #1 (2015) PLUS First Poster and Pictures from the Trailer

OK, Marvel fans.  Admit it.  Ant-Man has us worried.  Really worried.  Worried before director Edgar Wright, who had worked on the project for seven years was replaced by Peyton Reed who has a history of directing average to awful comedies.  This is our first look and my reaction is…..maybe?   There’s nothing in this trailer that has me pumping my fist, but the costume is better than Ant-Man has ever had in the comics and there were a lot of shots of things that I found intriguing.  Ant-Man will kick off the 3rd Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on July 17, 2015.

Ant-Man, Paul Rudd, Scott Lang

Marvel also released the first poster for the film, which I think has more white space in it than any poster in film history.



Finally, here’s some close-up shots of Ant-Man from the trailer.

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5 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Ant-Man Trailer #1 (2015) PLUS First Poster and Pictures from the Trailer”

  1. Could be cool. Uncharted IMAX territory. Wait and see I will.

    This is a total non-sequitor, but the planned toy line for The Force Awakens is fueling rumors that (sigh) Vader will be back. As a master at untangling truth from possibility from lie, what say you?


    1. First, because I don’t want to do a whole post on it, I just want to crow that Guardians of the Galaxy got a WGA nomination for screenplay today.

      Vader. My guess is he will be. We’ve heard the flashback rumors with Carrie Fisher’s daughter doubling as her younger self. If Vader is in the film, my feeling is that it would only be in that capacity. I hope it’s to further story and not just fan service; we’ll have to wait and see.


      1. Even if it is just fan service (and I certainly don’t want that) he really should be in there, as long as he isn’t resurrected with his memories from ROTJ erased, or something like that. Putting him in a flashback makes perfect sense. He probably trained the film’s villain(s).

        Disney has access to the greatest villain in film history. They might as well use him. It sounds like they’re being judicious and there won’t be oversaturation. Vader really is the greatest villain of all time. He tops Hannibal Lector, he tops the Wicked Witch of the West.

        It’s funny how these things happen. I don’t know if you are at all into Akira Kurosawa, but Lucas originally wanted to cast Toshiro Mifune as Vader in ANH, which would have been bizarre to say the least. Then at some point Lucas saw a McQuarrie painting of Vader in the vacuum of space (it was a scene from the first draft) and decided a breathing mask should be a permanent fixture. After that decision was made there were going to be all these electronic noises constantly coming out of Vader, like he was a walking hospital, but that was too distracting and it was streamlined to just the breathing. Ka.


  2. I’m a little worried, but only because I don’t know where Ant-Man will fit into Marvel’s huge cinematic universe. Other than that, I’m a huge Paul Rudd fan, so there’s that.


    1. I have had the same thoughts but after Guardians I just have to trust Marvel. They plan these six years ahead of time so I have to think there is a specific plan. Id love to know how many films are in Paul Rudds contract


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