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Killing Time – January 29, 2015: “Travel, Chris Pratt and the Secret of the Gummi Bears Cartoon”


Top of the morning to you, time killers.  I am at this very moment (depending on when in the timestream you read this) blowing time in Pittsburgh International Airport headed south to the Old Dominion.  The TSA and I continued our long-standing tradition of things that are TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT…..yep, full body screen and pat down.  Two hours early for my flight so you’re getting a bonus post today (wait til the next one!).

Are you our new Indy?
Are you our new Indy?

All reports are that Chris Pratt is Disney’s #1 choice to be the new Indiana Jones.  I actually kind of love this.  I don’t know if I would’ve before Guardians, but to be Star Lord and Indy…..the power…..

And, finally, here’s one for 80’s kids: remember the Gummi Bears.  Bouncing here and there and everywhere?  I’ve helpfully included the theme song so it can be seared into your brain for the next week.  I’ve given this considerable thought and…dudes, we had it all wrong.  The whole cartoon is a pro-drug anti-DEA stealth message.  Just think about it.  The Gummi Bears have their Gummi Beary Juice which makes them crazy hyper and bouncy (cough cocaine cough).  They hoard it.  They start to fade without a hit from their flask (they did carry flasks of the stuff).  WITHDRAWAL!  The Duke and his Ogres are only trying to rid the kingdom of this Orsine Drug Cartel that’s infested his forests!  I think about these things….

I’m going to go play on the moving walkway.  Happy Thursday KTers!

4 thoughts on “Killing Time – January 29, 2015: “Travel, Chris Pratt and the Secret of the Gummi Bears Cartoon””

  1. The problem with rebooting Indy was always the casting, because who among us could ever hope to follow in the footsteps of Tom Selick? If Chris Pratt is the new Indiana Jones, my reservations recede.

    Have you heard about Sundance, and Jupiter Ascending? The film got pushed back seven months, they had to reedit it to change the focus, it’s got disaster written all over it, and they choose to unveil it at SUNDANCE? What kind of response did they expect it to get there? Maybe the plot is bewildering, and they thought: why not? I am beyond mystified, and I am convinced that any slight chance the film might have had before is out the window. I actually hope the film is bad, because if I end up thinking it’s awesome, my heart is going to break. The Wachowskis should have had a different career.

    Keep calm, my friend, and carry on.


  2. Oh dear God no. I keep hearing about an Indy reboot and I hate it from the deepest, darkest depths of my heart. Well the hell don’t we remake Casablanca while we’re at it?

    I’ll see it on the same day I go see the Ghostbusters reboot. (ie, never.)


    1. The Ghostbusters situation is already a train wreck in slow motion, and there was no reason to revive that franchise at this point in time. But 4 billion for 2 properties… there was no way Disney wasn’t going to reboot Indy. I’m not saying it will work, only that Pratt is a step in the right direction. I wish Ford could somehow pass the torch onscreen.


      1. Well, perhaps he will. We don’t know at this point, but Indy is too iconic a film character to not continue his adventures. Chris Pratt straight out of Parks & Rec would seem ridiculous to me but after Zero Dark Thirty, Guardians and Jurassic World, I think he’s a proven leading man.


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