Trailer Time: Daredevil Season One Trailer (Netflix – 2015)

The Man Without Fear is nearly here!  Today Netflix released the first trailer for their adaptation of the Marvel character.  The series is the first of four series that will build toward a shared team movie in 2018.  Marvel has also said that the possibility of these characters crossing over into the Cinematic Marvel Universe is possible if they prove popular enough.  Netflix throws the whole season up at once, so all 13 episodes  will be available for massive binge watching on April 10, 2015 at 12:01 PST.

Daredevil, Netflix, Charlie Cox, Marvel Comics

2 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Daredevil Season One Trailer (Netflix – 2015)”

  1. Is it possible this is going to be as good as it looks?

    Dave, I notice there has been a total Gotham blackout on your site, and I’m wondering if you hate the show that much, or just never got around to starting it. I was watching at first mainly for the Penguin (and the odd appearance by Carol Kane) but I stuck around because of a blind hope that it would get better… and in fact I have never seen a show improve so much over the course of its first season.


    1. I really hope so, because Daredevil is my second favorite character in comics (behind the Bat) and this looks like it’s really channelling Frank Miller’s “The Man Without Fear” origin for Matt, which is great.
      Ok, here’s the thing about TV this year: I fell off of everything too far to catch up on Hulu or any of the network sites, so now I’m forced to wait for the whole season or pay for each episode (which is tempting). I don’t have cable, so watching it live is out of the question and I miss Gotham, Arrow and Flash a ton. I’m glad to hear its getting better and better. It’s already renewed for next season I think, so the possibilities there are really exciting.


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