Fear the Walking Dead

Trailer Time: Fear the Walking Dead (AMC – 2015) *First look at TWD Spin-Off Series*

As season five of The Walking Dead comes to a close, America need not fear a year-long wait for more undead, cannibalistic action.  AMC, with the loss of Breaking Bad and imminent loss of Mad Men, has some holes to plug.  And, goshdarnit, why not plug them with the rotting corpses of the undead that America eats up like fried Snickers bars?  Fear the Walking Dead has a two season initial order with the first season being similar to TWD’s, a six episode run, that will air Summer 2015.  The two series will not intersect, according to TWD creator, Robert Kirkman, shouting the answer down from the skyscraper of cash that you crazy zombie-lovers have made him.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Fear the Walking Dead (AMC – 2015) *First look at TWD Spin-Off Series*”

  1. You’ve probably heard that Paramount is jumping into the shared universe craze by bringing in Akiva Goldsman to oversee more Transformers sequels and spinoffs than we ever dreamed of or wanted. And it occurred to me: with the ever-increasing importance of franchises in the film industry, and the way that all the really good TV shows these days are serials, I could see the boundaries between film and television and other mediums seriously breaking down, especially since TV as we know it is about to radically change, even as more and more movies are being directly released into people’s homes through VOD.


    1. Lala I stuck this on the Facebook page for a reason. You are right though. The MCU has broken barriers between mediums and I don’t think the lines between will ever be so clear again.


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