killing time

Killing Time: March 30, 2015 – Times Are a Changin’

killing time
What anarchy is this?  A KT column appearing randomly on a Monday?  The moon is blood red and the apocalypse is nigh!  No, not so much, but there is a lot of change coming.  Change for me, used to only affect, well me, but now it affects the crystal geek addiction of several thousand people, and that’s cool.  Odd, but cool.

I’m looking at a metric ton of “change” over the next ….year (hopefully much less, but it’s me so let’s not hedge our bets).  I will write this site until I literally cannot see straight.  I’ve written it in some of the weirdest and saddest circumstances one could possibly imagine, so a metric ton of change ain’t changing that.

One thing that is changing, is how I deliver the content for KT.  I used to be able to write five or six posts a day and those days are gone.  One to two considered posts is probably going to be the daily norm.  However, with the incorporation of the KT Facebook page (, I can actually get stuff up quickly with a brief comment that reincorporating into the blog (aka rewriting the whole daggone article) would take me forever and a day by comparison.  I think we have five or six posts on the Facebook page today on Tron 3 (now Tron: Ascension), X-Men: Apocalypse, HALO 5, and more, and we’re getting a fairly lively discussion going on some of the posts.  Everything that I write here, also gets posted there, but what I post there (usually from my phone while bumping into other people; yes I’m “that guy”) doesn’t come over here..  I love the mothership site, and will always do daily things on it, but if you want all the weirdness I find out there, you’re going to have to also take a gander at the Facebook page (like you all aren’t on there in another window while you read this).

What kind of change is coming?  I would love to tell you, because that would mean I had some idea other than knowing that is coming.  I do know, that you – my geeky compatriots – have seen me through things I quite honestly didn’t think I could survive, so I will continue to review movies and do weekly columns here, PLUS put up even more content on the Facebook page.  Really, the only change for you is you’ll have access to more stuff.  For me, it means running two sites while making major personal readjustments and finding something to expound upon wittily each day.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had some reviews.  I have a backlog of movies to write-up that have quite frankly been quashed by an allergy season that’s using me as it’s personal prison roommie.  I will get back on track with those, and the reviews and columns are going to be the staple of what appears first on KT.  For news that doesn’t require more than a sentence or two of analysis, the KT Facebook page will have it.

I deeply appreciate all the support and kind words I’ve gotten in times  when things have gotten bumpy, and thank you for allowing me to vomit words into your intake orifices (……I could have phrased that better).  We’ve got Marvel’s Daredevil just 11 days away from hitting Netflix, and then it’s just two more weeks until the movie year ACTUALLY begins with Avengers: Age of Ultron.  It’s a wild ride from there and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.

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