Stormtroopers, Star Wars, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Trailer Time: STAR WARS EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser #2 (2015) *This Is The Trailer You’ve Been Looking For*

Disney and Lucasfilm today released the second teaser for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  If anyone is still worried about this film, I think this trailer is going to go a long way toward both calming fears and making Star Wars fans nuts with anticipation.  THIS is how you do a trailer.  You don’t give your movie away.  You throw iconic image after iconic image and finish with one line that put such a huge, dumb smile on my face that I cannot believe how perfect this is.  December 17th never seemed further away.
Star Wars, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakened

5 thoughts on “Trailer Time: STAR WARS EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser #2 (2015) *This Is The Trailer You’ve Been Looking For*”

  1. I just decided to go spoiler free. I will walk into the theater knowing what the marketing told me, and nothing else.


    1. I cannot remember the last time I smiled THIS much during one trailer. Perfect balance of old and new. Tons of raised questions. Gave nothing away. I’ve literally watched it 8 times in a row lol.


      1. Same here!

        Do you know if there’s any indication that the female character (I don’t remember the character’s name, or the actor’s) is going to be Luke’s daughter? She looks exactly like Natalie Portman.

        My impulse to spoil myself came from a place of fear. Knowing what’s coming always mitigates disappointment, should disappointment come.

        Now I’m sold 100%.


      2. The name of the character hasn’t been released, but the actress is Daisy Ridley. She’s likely the protagonist of this trilogy and if she’s a Skywalker, I’d imagine she’s Han and Leia’s daughter since Luke’s been hermitty. Btw, how much better has all his voice acting made Mark Hamill a better actor overall? I’m not sure if this is the trailer that was supposed to be attached to Avengers 2 and I don’t care because every still of this is just stellar, from the mysteriously crashed Star Destroyer in the desert, to the torched mask of Vader, the fantastic new Stormtrooper design, Kylo Ren in all his Sithtastic glory and then finishing with just THE perfect line to make every fan feel like we’re ALL coming home.


      3. I guess my mind went to Luke because it would follow the way the hero of the OT was the offspring of the hero of the PT, but obviously the daughter of Han and Leia would make more sense, even if we discover the two of them haven’t seen each other for decades, which is likely.

        The brilliant thing about this trailer is that it uses the old iconography to suggest connections to the OT, without telling us what those connections might be. Looks like someone paid a visit to Endor after the funeral pyre, though, doesn’t it?


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