Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four

Trailer Time: Fantastic Four Trailer #2 (2015) *Doom is Coming*

I’m going to be honest. I want this movie to bomb badly. I’m not being mean-spirited about it, and I gave this every chance, but I know enough about the script to know how wrong they’ve gotten this and they’ve managed to screw up Dr. Doom AGAIN.  The X-Men should stay at FOX.  There are so many and it’s so deep a universe that dumping it into the MCU would be too much.  Besides, Marvel knows they’re never getting the X-Men back and that’s why you’ll see them use the Inhumans as substitutes over the next few years (they’ve already begun on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD).

They got Spidey back.  That’s huge.  That’s almost as big as the X-Men in the number of characters and opportunities for storytelling it opens up.  The Fantastic Four, Galactus (who should be the next Big Bad after Thanos), Silver Surfer, The Baxter Building, and Doctor Doom (who could also stand as a Big Bad if he was ever done correctly) fit the tone and world Marvel has created.  There’s nothing about the two trailers I’ve seen that’s gotten me excited, and to be honest, the first FF movie they did felt more like it was true to the team than anything I’ve seen in these looks at the film (didn’t say it was a good movie, mind you).

So, even though FOX has already set a sequel date for this film, I hope it bombs so badly that they just give up and focus on the X-Men and make a similar deal to the one Sony did with the Spider-Man rights.  The Fantastic Four were the beginning of the Marvel Universe in the comics and they need to come home.  This movie isn’t going to take them there, but for those that want to check it out, Fantastic Four opens August 7, 2015.
Fantastic Four

6 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Fantastic Four Trailer #2 (2015) *Doom is Coming*”

  1. This trailer was so bad it changed my mind from “must see” to “must not see”. I still hope it’s good but I’m not going to spend the money to find out.


  2. I’m with you that I’m pulling for it to fail; I preferred the original cast over this one (Alba was sexier, Evans was more charismatic, Chiklis was grittier, and I actually believed Ioan Gruffudd was smart enough to play Reed Richards). With that said, the first one was cheesy as heck and can no longer stand alongside its MCU and DC counterparts of today. Let the FF join the MCU so that, most importantly, Dr. Doom can finally get the opportunity to be the ‘super villain’ us fans grew up with in the comics!


  3. It’s not going to bomb. Not even close. The worst thing about this trailer is how good it looks. Not good like a faithful adaptation, but appealing to people who don’t know any better. I’m not putting those people down, just acknowledging that the general public doesn’t know much about FF, other than a vague idea of the powers. This trailer makes the film look sleek and dark(ish) and cool. The studio will be reasonably happy, and they’ll decide they can improve on the franchise with the next installment.


    1. That depends on the reviews, I think. There is no built in FF fanbase anymore. It’s opening at the tail end of summer after other super hero movies and fanboy buzz is uniformly bad. So to the public, it’s going to be just another summer blockbuster and it’ll depend on the quality of the movies and the momentum of those surrounding it. Might be right. Might bomb. I WANT it to bomb for the long-term good of the property. It’s selfish, but I’ll cut myself some slack after I watched FOX mess up The Silver Surfer last time.


      1. The strange thing is, they’ve taken a highly appealing property and made it not that appealing. They approached FF suspiciously, like it was Sandman or something. The current iterations of Superman and (from the look of it) Batman aren’t appealing, either. And people take one look at Jared Leto as the Joker, and suddenly Suicide Squad is looking like a disturbing night’s entertainment. I’m not saying the DCCU won’t be as good as the MCU, only that the MCU is likable and so far the DCCU doesn’t seem to be. And this new version of FF doesn’t either.

        I still think it will do just fine. Critics don’t know enough about superheros to tell differentiate good FF from bad. At any rate, I’m steeling myself.


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