Darth Vader, Star Wars

May the Fourth Be With You! 2015’s Best Unofficial Holiday Is Upon Us!

Darth Vader, Star Wars
The greatest made-up holiday in the history of time and the universe is upon us: STAR WARS DAY!  May 4th is officially Star Wars Day, and you may discover geeks you never knew skulked around you simply by greeting everyone you meet today, “May the Fourth Be With You.”  Of course, if you work in, say, The Pentagon, you may also have your psych profile pulled, but these are THE THINGS WE DO!

Truly, 2015 is a landmark year for Star Wars in a way perhaps no year has been since the years of the original trilogy.  We have, this Christmas, the first new installment in the franchise in 10 years: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and….let’s watch the trailer again:

OK?  That was 90 seconds of what will likely be a 130 – 140 minute film of things JUST THAT AWESOME!  And, yes, I have full confidence in this film at this point.  If for no other reason than that if Disney screws this up, they know it will cost them TRILLIONS of dollars.  Oh but that’s not all:

The new Star Wars Extended Universe is already here!  There are four novels already released that tell tales from various eras in a galaxy far, far away: A New Dawn, Heir to the Jedi, Tarkin and Lords of the Sith can all be found at the top of Amazon’s Science Fiction best-sellers list.  Comics?  Oh, Marvel is KILLING it with their new Star Wars series.  The ongoing featuring Darth Vader in the aftermath of the destruction of the first Death Star is my favorite book coming out right now, but there’s also a mainstream ongoing, one featuring the protagonist from Star Wars: Rebels, a Leia miniseries wrapping up and a Lando miniseries on the way.

Speaking of Star Wars: Rebels, if you go to http://www.starwars.com, you may still be able to stream the first season of the animated heir to the Clone Wars for free.  The second season trailer promises the return of old friends from that series and a lot of Vader.  Yes I’m going to play another trailer!

And before my head explodes entirely from all of the awesomeness that I haven’t even covered yet (Star Wars Anthology Rogue One next year, Rian Johnson writing and directing Episode VIII the year after that, Star Wars just being digitally released for the first time, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah).  We have to talk Star Wars: Battlefront, though.  Battlefront is right up with Knights of the Old Republic as the best Star Wars game.  It’s certainly the most fun multi-player game and it is coming back in a big way in November (plus they used this game to fix Boba Fett dying in the Sarlacc Pit…..WIN WIN WIN) and yes of COURSE we’re watching the trailer:

This may be my most enthusiastic post ever, but it is a DAY ALL ABOUT STAR WARS!  Force choke your boss (don’t do this).  Use broomsticks and make lightsaber noises (watch for your boss). Walk through automatic doors and pretend you’re using the Force to open them (you can even do it for you boss from across the room because that’s how strong in the Force you ARE!!!).  Have fun with this, fellow geeks.  We’ve taken the world of entertainment, sliced it open like a dead tauntaun and wear it proudly!  Probably time for some sleepytime meds, but HAPPY FOURTH!


One thought on “May the Fourth Be With You! 2015’s Best Unofficial Holiday Is Upon Us!”

  1. When you walk through an automatic door and pretend you’re using the Force, you MUST do Obi-Wan’s two-finger thing from AOTC.

    This, by the way, is why Star Wars is so much better than Star Trek. Star Trek merely predicted automatic doors. Star Wars tells you that you have the power to make doors open before you like a miracle.


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