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New Poll: What Phase 3 Movie Are You Most Excited About?

tumblr_njmpx4GNTB1shcmlfo1_500With Avengers: Age of Ultron bringing to a close MCU Phase 2, we now turn our sights to Phase 3, which will begin in just a few short months with Ant-Man.  Phase 3 is going to be the darkness before the dawn.  We’re going to lose old friends, but we’re going to gain a heck of a lot of new ones including Spider-Man making his MCU debut in Cap 3.  The final film in Phase 3 will NOT be Avengers: Infinity War Part II, but The Inhumans, which leads one to wonder what the jumping off point will be for Phase 4.  Given their close ties to the Fantastic Four, perhaps they’re hoping they can wheedle them back from FOX by then and give us a post-credits Inhumans tease of Galactus.  That ….would be epic.

C'mon.  You know you want to see just what the heck this thing is going to turn out to be.
C’mon. You know you want to see just what the heck this thing is going to turn out to be.

But there’s plenty to choose from for a favorite from Phase 3.  I’m eliminating Infinity War as a choice because we all know it would win and I’m more interested in which lead-up chapters have people psyched.  DC’s Cinematic Universe will also be slamming into theaters during this time period, so you’ll be looking at four to six comic book movies a year just from the two big companies.  Yeesh.   Vote here or on the homepage at

15 thoughts on “New Poll: What Phase 3 Movie Are You Most Excited About?”

  1. Given what I’m hearing about Josh Trank, Fantastic Four is going to be a disaster, the only question is how big. FOX was pinning a lot of its hopes on this movie. Most of the world was under no illusion that FOX could compete with Disney, but the people at FOX obviously thought they could. Trank will not be the only person brought down by this.


    1. Makes you wonder if Disney saw raw footage and pushed him out since this is rumored to be Star Wars Anthology: Boba Fett written by Lawrence Kasdan who is going to retcon the hell out of Attack of the Clones and this is going to be a BIG movie. Hey Joss Whedon is free, but oh wait we just pointlessly pissed him off. Grr.


      1. And got a full season order. We live in a world of comics come to life because they’re the last IP’s that Hollywood hasn’t touched. I hope Whedon, bummed by I am at his bad experience directing this film, goes back to creating worlds and making original films. Ex Machina was REALLY fantastic. Have you seen it yet?


      2. No, I’ve been more busy than you can imagine, but I can’t wait. Right now I’m esctatic that so many geek properties are finally getting their due, but I really do hope the winds change and they start making original films again. Because the other option for the future are those holographic shows Robert DuVall watches in THX-1138.

        Speaking of this, what is your Tomorrowland prediction? Because while the trailer had a lot of cool stuff in it I thought it was the biggest marketing mistake I have ever seen, even bigger than the trailer for T5. Tomorrowland is an original film and it stars Clooney, so it already has two things that are not necessarily working in its favor. They really needed to give a lot more of an indication of its plot.


      3. Tomorrowland…..yeah I don’t love Trailer #3, but I saw 5 minutes of the film with the IMAX showing of Avengers 2 I went to and that was pretty good stuff. It’s Brad Bird and he’s never made a bad film. So my feeling is he gets total benefit of the doubt until he does. I think it’ll do just fine at the box office. It’s not going to shatter any records; I’d say 150 domestic. I’m more startled Avengers 2 isn’t doing anywhere near the business I thought it would. I don’t think it’s going to outgross Furious 7, which is about ready to pass the first Avengers for #3 all-time. A2 needed to get out of the gate way stronger to take on the all-time records, because starting this weekend it’ll have competition again and I don’t see it having the legs F7 has had. I still think no matter what Episode VII is going to smash Avatar’s record. If you look at the schedule, there are practically no movies even scheduled between it and February 2016.


      4. Enjoyment of AOU depended too much on foreknowledge of the franchise. I’m pretty sure that’s the thing that’s holding it back. I know, I know, this is the biggest franchise of all time, but there are so many points in this movie, with its myriad plot strands and characters, where the audience has to stop and think back. And audiences are mostly not composed of nerds, and have difficulty keeping these things straight. I think that’s a built-in limitation of a film like AOU, and Disney will have to live with it.


      1. Well, Michael Douglas’ character is actualy the one who created Ultron in the comics, but unless there’s a ton not in the trailer, I don’t see how this connects to anything really, except maybe the shrinking technology itself being used later on, but Ant-Man standing aside the rest of the New Avengers….hope War Machine squishes him.

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      2. I was amazed that there is a scene in the movie where Ant-Man’s name is mocked, and that they put that moment in the trailer. My first thought was, if that’s your attitude towards the character, if you feel like you have to apologize for him IN THE TRAILER to get people to see the move, maybe you shouldn’t have made a movie about him.


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