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My Favorite Scene: The Incredibles (2004) “Edna Mode”

Brad Bird’s fourth directorial effort (after The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), Tomorrowland, will be hitting theaters on Friday and seems to be getting good-if not Brad Birdian great-reviews.  His next project will be the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles, possibly the greatest non-comic based super hero of all-time.  Oh and possibly the greatest Pixar film, which is a debate that never can have a clear winner.

There are so many things to love about this movie, besides the fact that it absolutely does rip off The Fantastic Four and pretty much has made it impossible for anyone to do a FF movie that doesn’t look like a cheap knock-off of The Incredibles.  Bird wrote, directed and co-starred in the film as my favorite character: Edna Mode.  Edna, in a world awash with costumed heroes, is the Yves St. Laurent of their world.  She’s also clinically insane.

I’ve cheated and included both her scene with Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) showing off the family’s new suits and the scene with Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Ferguson) explaining her “NO CAPES” policy.  All I care about in I2 is that there is at least one Edna scene.  I’m good after that.  Tomorrowland opens Friday and The Incredibles 2 has what I think is a ludicrously optimistic release date of 2016 given that Brad Bird just started writing the script.  Whenever it does come out though, I’m sure it’ll more than be worth the wait.The Incredibles, Brad Bird, Holly Hunter, Edna Mode, Elastigirl

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: The Incredibles (2004) “Edna Mode””

  1. I always thought Incredibles was a mashup of Watchmen and FF. The news that Brad is returning to its world is incredible. Almost as incredible as what George Miller pulled off with his revival of a 30 year old franchise. Almost as incredible as David Lynch returning to Twin Peaks (as long as he really means it this time).

    My gut tells me Tomorrowland will be a huge box office disappointment though. I could be wrong. I’m not omniscient. But I took an informal poll, and no one I know is even aware this movie is opening. Granted that wasn’t scientific and I’m not surrounded by nerds, but between the nebulous trailers and George Clooney, I’m not seeing this connecting with a wide audience. I’m a huge fan of George’s, and I admire that he took the high road with his career, but the time is long past when he was a dependable box office draw. I really think the movie will tank. Maybe it will be another Iron Giant though, and be brilliant as well.


    1. Well, Max isn’t making the kind of money to justify what was spent on it, and I just put up my take and Miller really pulled off the surprise of the summer of surprises so far. I get no buzz feeling from Tomorrowland. What I hear and feel is that Jurassic World is what people are waiting for. I’ll be interested to both see this and see how it is received, but even if it tanks, it’s not going to effect Bird’s career with The Incredibles 2 on the way and hopefully a Star Wars film down the line.


      1. The reviews are pretty dire. But it looks so much better than JP4. What a crime if JP4 turns out to be a soulless corporate product, and Tomorrowland has genuine imagination and heart, and still makes way less money. But of course that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I’ve been waiting a long time to see the Park open, and the last thing I want is for it to be dissapointing, but that last coming attraction was off.


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