Marvel Phase 3

POLL REMINDER: What MCU Phase 3 Movie Are You Most Excited About?

Just a quick reminder to vote on which of these films is your most anticipated from Marvel’s upcoming third phase of its cinematic universe.  Ant-Man will kick things off in just two months, so look through your choices and VOTE VOTE VOTE!  The KT Phase 3 film of choice will be announced early next week so get to clickin’!tumblr_njmpx4GNTB1shcmlfo1_500With Avengers: Age of Ultron bringing to a close MCU Phase 2, we now turn our sights to Phase 3, which will begin in just a few short months with Ant-Man.  Phase 3 is going to be the darkness before the dawn.  We’re going to lose old friends, but we’re going to gain a heck of a lot of new ones including Spider-Man making his MCU debut in Cap 3.  The final film in Phase 3 will NOT be Avengers: Infinity War Part II, but The Inhumans, which leads one to wonder what the jumping off point will be for Phase 4.  Given their close ties to the Fantastic Four, perhaps they’re hoping they can wheedle them back from FOX by then and give us a post-credits Inhumans tease of Galactus.  That ….would be epic.

C'mon.  You know you want to see just what the heck this thing is going to turn out to be.
C’mon. You know you want to see just what the heck this thing is going to turn out to be.

But there’s plenty to choose from for a favorite from Phase 3.  I’m eliminating Infinity War as a choice because we all know it would win and I’m more interested in which lead-up chapters have people psyched.  DC’s Cinematic Universe will also be slamming into theaters during this time period, so you’ll be looking at four to six comic book movies a year just from the two big companies.  Yeesh.   Vote here or on the homepage at

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