Comic Book Movie Schedule 2015-2019



I know that I’ve talked a little about how a literal tsunami of comic book films is coming our way.  Soon it isn’t going to be two a year.  Next year and 2017 it’s seven.  Now, some of those are going to bomb magnificently, but think of any other movie genre (because that’s what comic book movies are now) and we have about 50 action movies a year, so this is really the genre going full-tilt.  As long as there are outstanding films in this mix, they won’t all have to be good and we get to reap the rewards.  superhero-movie-chart-shows-film-line-up-for-the-next-4-years


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5 thoughts on “Comic Book Movie Schedule 2015-2019”

  1. If the DCCU is incredible, it contributes to the renaissance. If not, it hastens the genre’s demise. It will say this: it’s extremley weird that they’re releasing Suicide Squad before Justice League. Instead of roping people in with appealing heroes, they’re kicking things off with a group of psychopaths. I have a gut feeling I’m going to like these movies, but the rollout so far has been one stumble after another.


    1. I dont think anything short of both companies losing their way takes down comic book movies. They’re the only new IPs Hollywood has. It would take several years of sustained failure at sixty percent or up to endanger this genre. Will it wane at some point? Sure. But disappear? Not any time soon. When you have oscar winners like Tilda Swinton joining Dr Strange to play The Ancient One as she did today, when you’re attracting the best talent and managing it well at least at one company, this ride continues.


      1. I hadn’t heard about Swinton. Incredible! Have you seen her in Snowpiercer yet? If not, you really should.

        But the average person looks at the chart you posted and thinks, this is overkill. And the only thing worse than WB causing superhero burnout would be WB causing superhero burnout because of films that were also sub-par. Thier movies will not bomb, but they won’t be the juggernauts WB thinks they’ll be. No one will wake up one morning and declare it’s all over, but the waning could come sooner than expected.

        Unless, of course, the ante is upped and the envelope starts getting pushed more often, and audiences go for it. I would not do Punisher as a series, I would go with a movie. The time has come to present a character like the Punisher to a mass mainstream audience. Watchmen was the wrong standard-bearer for dark, sophisticated, adult comic book films. They needed to start with a property like Punisher, which is not exactly in the mainstream but is not an ironic deconstruction, either.


      2. They did push it and people know his symbol but its a joke. Theyre clearly not doing rated r on the screen so you do a season of Netflix and build in an audience who trusts the character. Because I guarantee the first trailer no matter how good is going to be greeted with groans if they go back onscreen where as weve been saying its too crowded.


      3. OK I can’t argue with that. The good news is, I think an entire generation has grown up not knowing who Dolph Lundgren is, so that first Punisher movie will not be a liability, but the one where Travolta was the villain? Shudder.

        Perhaps the symbol’s use in American Sniper will be a plus. Stranger things have happened. In Austin Powers 2, Dr. Evil simply mentioned a Hot Pocket, and Hot Pocket sales went up.

        I want the MCU to grow. Obviously it’s going to get stretchier, with Dr. Strange and Guardians, ect, but in addition to the world getting larger, I hope they start taking more chances stylistically. Haven’t seen DD yet, but it seems to be the start of something different and new. I can understand Disney being scared by the Punisher, but like I said, it’s imperative that the public gets initiated into some of the darker, more adult stuff.


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