Infographic: Marvel Universe’s Most Deadly Killers

The people at MorphSuits have created an infographic of the murderers of the Marvel universe, some you’re not going to be that surprised over (I mean….Wolverine is a walking batch of razors), but there are a few that may surprise you if you haven’t followed the comics in awhile.  Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Infographic: Marvel Universe’s Most Deadly Killers”

  1. What’s happening with the legal status of the Punisher? Are we ever going to see a film version, an actual one?


    1. If I was Marvel, the Punisher, which it has full rights to use, would be my next Netflix series. He doesn’t fit in the cinematic MCU and the character needs rehab way more than even Daredevil did. Give him a place in the street level world on Netflix and make people forget three horrible films with the same TLC they gave DD.


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