James Horner

R.I.P. James Horner (1953 – 2015) *Music and Movies Mourn*

James HornerJames Horner

Multiple media sources are now confirming the movie composer James Horner, missing since his small plane went down Monday morning in California, has died at the age of 61.  The small plane that Horner was a passenger in crashed near Santa Barbara, but the composer’s fate was unknown for most of a day.  It looks like our worst fears have been confirmed.  For the initial report on the crash click here.

Horner’s career spanned over 150 films, and his music underscored many of the best films of the last 35 years.  I remember first hearing Horner’s scores as a child in The Land Before Time and An American Tail (still, two of his best).  He and John Williams were the composers that introduced me to the music behind the movies.  He won two Academy Awards for Titanic in 1998, and those are-unfortunately-the only of his prolific career.  He leaves behind an indelible legacy of beautiful music.  Coming Soon’s obituary is pasted below with a more in-depth account of Horner’s career.  He will be deeply missed by everyone who was touched by his work.

Two-time Oscar-winning composer James Horner has died in a plane crash at the age of 61, according to multiple reports. Horner, who was an experienced pilot, was flying one of his small aircrafts when it crashed north of Santa Barbara.

Horner was best known for composing the score for James Cameron’s Titanic, for which he won his two Oscars, one for the score and one for co-writing the original song “My Heart Will Go On” for Celine Dion. He also composed the score for Cameron’s Avatar and was pegged to do the same for the sequels. 

Other Oscar-nominated scores by Horner included A Beautiful MindBraveheartApollo 13 and Field of Dreams, all of which were also nominated for Best Picture (the first two won the top Oscar), as well as Cameron’s earlier film Aliens and the song “Somewhere Out There” for An American Tail

Horner’s career dates all the way back to 1978’s The Watcher and he had nearly 158 films for which he was credited as a composer and even more when you include the soundtracks that have included the songs that Horner composed.

His last films will be Antoine Fuqua’s boxing drama Southpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and the Chilean miner film The 33

One thought on “R.I.P. James Horner (1953 – 2015) *Music and Movies Mourn*”

  1. I just downloaded Somewhere Out There from iTunes, and listened to it. I had forgotten how much that song got to me when I was a kid. Thinking back on his work, I realize he was one of the composers of the soundtrack to my childhood, right alongside John Williams.

    Film composers like Danny Elfman and Wendy Carlos (remember her?) were flashy and briefly caught my attention when I was a kid, but their scores from back then have grown dated, and now feel gimmicky. Horner’s scores are timeless, and will help ensure that the movies he worked on will get to people for generations to come.

    Such a tragedy that he’s gone, and no one should ever go so young, but he left behind a piece of his soul in his immense body of work, and I am glad he was here. RIP again, and my heart goes out to his family.


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