Why There Will NOT Be a Solo Hulk Film Soon


Why isn’t a solo Hulk film on the Marvel schedule anywhere?  The schedule is laid out through The Inhumans closing Phase 3 in 2019 and there is nary a big, green guy on it.  After The Avengers, the Hulk was the break-out character of that film and it seems natural that Marvel would want to capitalize on that.  Plus, given where Avengers: Age of Ultron ended, an adaptation of Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk storyline would seem a natural segue.  It isn’t going to happen and this is why: while Marvel has the production rights to a solo Hulk movie, Universal Studios still owns the rights to distribute the film.  This is exactly the same dilemma that held up production on The Hobbit films for a decade.

I’ll paste Geek Tyrant’s summary of the court’s ruling on the matter that came via Forbes, but to be honest, I think you may just see a Red Hulk on the screen before you see Bruce again.  Just take a look at the cast list for Captain America: Civil War and you’ll see that William Hurt is returning as General Thunderbolt Ross after nearly a decade.  Is Rulk going to be added to the MASSIVE Marvel buffet that is Cap 3?  We’ll find out next May.

The report states that Universal no longer has the production rights to the Hulk. Marvel currently has them, and has had them since 2005. But Universal still holds the distribution rights on a solo Hulk movie. So if Marvel were to make a new Hulk film, Universal would be given the option of “First Refusal.” Only if they passed on the project would Disney be allowed to take over the distribution rights of that movie.

There are a few other factors that play into the reason why Marvel isn’t looking to make another solo Hulk movie yet. The real issue doesn’t lay with Marvel not being able to work something out with Universal. Forbes points out that the high cost of production and marketing for a Hulk film, mixed with the disappointing box office results of the two previous films, are a huge reason a Hulk solo film isn’t happening anytime soon. They also point out the obvious, and that is that the character simply works better as an ensemble team player with the Avengers.


2 thoughts on “Why There Will NOT Be a Solo Hulk Film Soon”

  1. Well, Ang Lee’s version was a weird art film. I liked it, but I was also reminded of an MST3K line: “I think they forgot to have things happen in this movie.” It was dark and ponderous and slow, and I can see how most people hated it. And the Norton version, at least the one that was released theatrically, is bland in the extreme and doesn’t even feel like it belongs in the MCU (I need to check out that director’s cut, badly). So there are perfectly good explanations for why those movies underwhelmed. A new, vital take with a talented director as well as Ruffalo would be huge, because everyone loves the character now.


    1. Planet Hulk is the perfect story to do it too, but this legal bs is not going away, and Ruffalo is getting to the age where he may not be Hulk after Phase 3, so he may never get a shot at his own film.


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