Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender

Trailer Time: Steve Jobs Trailer #2 *Aaron Sorkin’s Words!!!*

Aaron Sorkin is my favorite writer.  In any medium.  Books, TV, Movies, Comics, Video Games; if Sorkin wrote the phone book I would read it obsessively.  I just got done binge-watching the final, criminally short run of The Newsroom, and he turned what could have been a write-off, six-episode pity season into a brilliant loop that turns the series into a giant novel.

Speaking of big books, Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs is the basis for this adaptation of Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle’s look at Steve Jobs.  If you don’t know who Steve Jobs is, after someone hits you with a tack hammer, you can point to about ten items in the room in which you’re reading this that he had a hand in creating.  He was one of the truly great minds of our time, and I cannot wait to see what Sorkin does with his life’s story when Steve Jobs releases in October.

One thought on “Trailer Time: Steve Jobs Trailer #2 *Aaron Sorkin’s Words!!!*”

  1. OK, this looks genuinely fantastic. I only hope the film focuses on what drove him as much as it does his demons. And yes, I understand that those two things are often one and the same. I have a lot of admiration for Jobs, and while people don’t come any larger than life, I hope the movie presents him as a multifaceted human being instead of just going for the jugular. Great pedigree with Sorkin and Boyle though. If they ever commercially release a recording of the stage production of Frankenstein that Boyle directed in England some years back, with Benedict Cumberbatch in it, pounce, because it was one of the most spectacular, nuanced things I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch.


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