SDCC 15, San Diego Comic Con International

Comic Con 2015: Thursday Posters and Pictures (Batman vs. Superman, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt.2, Sherlock, Fantastic Four, The Last Witch Hunter and More)

Day One-Comic Con: The Hunger Games becomes Captain EO (this was not the weirdest thing from Day One; keep reading to see what Conan O’Brien did.)

Oh let it begin, let it begin!  Comic Con 2015 is upon us and who knows what news it will bring over the next few days.  One thing it will bring for certain are pictures and posters aplenty for upcoming…everything.  Killing Time will do a summary post each day so as to not carpet bomb your computing devices with every new release.  If you want every story that catches my fancy, the place to camp through Sunday is on KT’s Facebook page, which you can find at

Batman, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

San Diego is three hours behind me, so it is possible that items will be forthcoming today that we’ll have to include in tomorrow’s briefing, but probably the biggest announcement from the first day was that Ben Affleck will be directing a Batman solo film.  Affleck will also be co-writing the script with veteran DC writer Geoff Johns.  As to where it fits into the already massive DCCU release schedule, who knows?  Affleck says it will be his next directorial project after Into the Night, which he’s filming this fall.

Thursday’s visual offerings featured detailed looks at the costumes from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (courtesy of Coming, a stunning poster for the final Hunger Games film, first looks at Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from the upcoming Sherlock Christmas Special, four new posters for Fantastic Four and the greatest moment of Comic Con thus far: Conan O’Brien riding into town as the insane guitarist from Mad Max: Fury Road.

gadgets0004 gadgets0003 gadgets0002 gadgets0001 sdccphotos0024 sdccphotos0018 sdccphotos0020 sdccphotos0019 sdccphotos0022 sdccphotos0023 batmanheader download

conan-obrein-rides-into-comic-con-rocking-out-as-the-doof-warrior-from-mad-max fin07_lwh_1sht_throne_modern_trim fin05_lwh_1sht_throne_trim lastwitch upload-136804 ffpromoimage-136799 cjdrwgiueaae6jx fantastic-four-header-number-9000 11667261_703128703121061_4044048255389782614_n Sherlock-Header-640

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