Tom Cruise, Ethan Hunt, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible 5

POLL: Most Anticipated Film July – December 2015

YES, I omitted Star Wars!  Why?  Because this would be a completely uninteresting poll if Star Wars was included because I can guarantee you, knowing as I do this site’s demographics, that Star Wars Episode VII would win with something between 80 – 95% of the vote.  AND IT SHOULD!  This poll is all about what we’re going to do while we’re waiting around for Star Wars to come out and recreate our minds in stupefied wonder.

The Martian, Matt Damon

I also left out Minions and Ant-Man because they come out in the next 7 days so if you’re anticipating them….you’re almost done.  Rotten Tomatoes, for what it’s worth, currently has Minions at 55% and Ant-Man at 71%.  I would have guessed those numbers reversed, but would also remind people that Mr. Holmes (the Ian McKellan vehicle about the detective in his final years) also comes out next Friday and is sitting at 91%.


So when you look out at the fall, what are you most anticipating?  Franchise entries in The Maze Runner, Bond, MI, and the completion of The Hunger Games?  Adaptations of hit books like The Martian?  Hanks & Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies?  Biopics from acclaimed directors like The Walk or Steve Jobs?  More animation from Pixar with The Good Dinosaur or the surprisingly faithful-looking The Peanuts Movie?  To help guide your voting, here are the latest trailers for each entry.  Vote now; vote often; drag your friends to the polls!!!

Bridge of Spies

The Good Dinosaur

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two

The Martian

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The Peanuts Movie


Steve Jobs

The Walk

One thought on “POLL: Most Anticipated Film July – December 2015”

  1. If you remove the two teenage dystopias, it’s almost an eight-way toss-up as far as I’m concerned. But I’ll probably end up going with Peanuts, because it’s a movie I’ve waited all my life for, and it looks so faithful to the spirit of Charles Shultz that I’m daring to hope. The awesome thing is that most of these movies are not franchise films. If I didn’t have them to distract me I would be climbing up the walls as I waited for The Force Awakens, so I’m glad they all look so good.


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