Trailer Time: Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Trailer #1 (2015 – AMC )

Geek Tyrant’s impressions from the SDCC panel.

Though it exists in the same universe, Fear the Walking Dead is going to be a completely unique beast. The story sparks in Los Angeles during the handful of weeks that Rick is in his coma in Georgia. Rather than dropping us into the other end of the apocalypse, Fear will let us experience it happening along with these new characters. A heavy focus will be on the way the modern American views world-wide crisis, as those in the thick of it continue to deny that this will influence them until it is far too late.

On the smaller scale, it is the development of the group of survivors we follow that made Walking Dead so enjoyable. Fear the Walking Dead focuses on a high school English teacher and his two families: his new wife and teenage stepdaughter, and his ex-wife and estranged teenage son. The fall of civilization force these two families together and into the lives of a small business barber and his family.

A lot is still unknown about Fear the Walking Dead, but this panel has me very ready to see more! The show premieres August 23 on AMC,

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