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Trailer Time: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser #2 (2016) *Straight from Comic Con 2015*

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for release on March 26, 2016. One year ago, a Comic Con teaser had me extremely excited about the film, a positivity that only built as we saw more casting and production design.  Then MORE AND MORE casting had me extremely nervous about the scope of what was being attempted with the film.  Then a few months ago, the first real trailer came out and I hated it.  Hated it.  So how do I feel after seeing the second trailer for the film?

I’m still really hesitant, but I like this trailer a heck of a lot more than the first one and I’m back to wanting to see the film again.  I’m still not sure how Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg fit into all of this, but the clash of ideals between Bruce and Clark, especially finding out that Bruce was IN Metropolis during Man of Steel’s battle with Zod, really makes this feel much more in tune with the characters than the first trailer did.  I’m reserving judgment, but I’m excited again.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser #2 (2016) *Straight from Comic Con 2015*”

  1. I loved the first teaser. I love this trailer too. I’ve gone from total pessimism to having total faith that this film will be awesome. We know that Aquaman will only be in one scene, so it’s reasonable to suspect that Cyborg and Flash will only be cameos too, and that WW’s screen time will be limited. Also, from the glimpse they showed, Eisenberg looks absolutley GREAT as Lex, even with the goofy wig.

    I felt that the death destruction caused by Superman in MOS (and it kind of was his fault), culminating in the death of Zod and Superman’s subsequent anguish, was Snyder’s way of bringing the Superman who was created in the 1930’s into the 21st century. It’s not Superman who has changed, but us. Superman has only just appeared, yet he’s already being hammered by the politicians and vilified by the masses. This all feels like the right way to handle his arrival on earth in 2015. It also feels right to have Superman and Batman on a collision course the instant they meet. Snyder and the other people running this are creating a revised, updated mythology for these characters, and I’m on board.


    1. The instant this was announced I said that there was nothing that was going to piss off Bruce more than seeing that battle in Metropolis. Having him IN the city during the battle, is brilliant. That’s all the motivation he’d need to hate him. I think the wig will go away once Lex starts tinkering with Kryptonite and I think you’re right about the other heroes having very limited roles. This was the trailer I wanted to see the first time, and I love the way that it ends with Superman ripping open the Batmobile and Bruce just standing up in his face. I’ve gone from totally dreading this to cautiously optimistic and seeing Zod’s corpse was such a cool easter egg. This is clearly a Batman who has already lost a Robin to the Joker (Suicide Squad, which Batman is in, is supposed to take place before Man of Steel) and has retired. I wonder for sustainability, how long they can have a Batman at that age through Justice League and a solo film before having to either recast him or promote Dick Grayson (assuming he’s not our dead Robin).


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