Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad – Over 50 Images from Comic Con Trailer! Joker, Harley, Deadshot and More!

Joker, Jared Leto, Suicide Squad

This trailer got as much right as the first Batman vs. Superman trailer got wrong.  I’m especially psyched about Margot Robbie, as she seems to have Harley nailed, and the brief glimpse of Jared Leto as Joker alleviated a lot of my fears and took the focus off the tattoos and costuming.  This looks like it has a lot of potential to be a fantastic introduction to a dozen great villains in the DCU, and I may be looking more forward to this than Batman vs. Superman right now. Suicide Squad opens August 2016.

screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-05-59-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-07-19-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-07-35-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-07-59-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-08-11-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-08-13-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-08-23-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-08-58-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-09-04-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-09-13-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-09-17-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-09-24-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-09-28-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-09-44-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-10-05-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-10-16-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-10-41-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-11-25-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-11-34-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-12-16-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-12-45-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-12-55-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-13-09-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-13-37-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-13-40-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-13-58-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-14-33-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-15-26-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-15-42-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-15-45-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-16-49-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-16-52-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-16-59-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-17-02-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-17-23-pm screen-shot-2015-07-13-at-1-17-29-pm

3 thoughts on “Suicide Squad – Over 50 Images from Comic Con Trailer! Joker, Harley, Deadshot and More!”

  1. When I heard they were making this, I never remotely thought that WB had the guts to make a movie like the one this trailer suggests. This could be the game changer Watchmen should have been.


    1. Like you said, how this is going to be PG-13 is beyond me because the trailer is so intense and scary that if the movie follows that vein, either we’re going to get a watered down version and then the real one on blu ray or this has to be R. Can we talk also about how cool it is that Killer Croc is in a live action film?


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