Paul Rudd, Ant-Man

There are TWO End Credits Scenes in Ant-Man!!

The second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will close tomorrow with the release of Ant-Man.  The film has been getting decent reviews, which given the disaster fans we’re bracing themselves for, is going to be just fine should that be the case (Rotten Tomatoes and I are not seeing eye to eye these days).  Fans heading out should know that there are TWO end credits scenes, both important to the future of the MCU.  One at mid-credits; one at the very end.  So, unlike Avengers 2, keep yourself planted in the seat until the last credit rolls.

4 thoughts on “There are TWO End Credits Scenes in Ant-Man!!”

  1. I’m still sad about Wright, but from the reviews I’ve read I can tell this will be a neat, focused little movie that scales things back after A2, and that’s a very good thing, because some epic stuff is about to go down during the next phase. There’s nothing wrong with a breather to cleanse the palate. Ant-Man is not my favorite character. Ant-Man is no one’s favorite character. So there isn’t much riding on this from Disney’s perspective. It just needs to be a minor hit, and no one will complain about how minor.


      1. They say it’s looking at a 60 million weekend. Like I said it isn’t a disaster, but the reviews are middling and the hard core fan base is still ticked off about Edgar Wright. And the unenthusiastic critical/fanboy reception is rubbing off on everyone else. No one is going to go broke over this, and Star Wars is coming, but Disney/Marvel still made the huge mistake that everyone was shouting about from the rooftops. The reviews could not have been any worse if Wright’s version had been made, and the nerds would have been downright excited.


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