Jurassic World

Jurassic World Sequel Set for 2018

Jurassic World
I thought Jurassic World was ok (click here for review); not great, but certainly better than the other attempts to follow up Jurassic Park.  I’ve been absolutely floored by how well it has done at the box office, though.  Clearly there was a convergence of nostalgia from people like me who loved Jurassic Park and wanted to re-experience it and a new generation who just generally wanted to see dinos snacking on tourists.  The end result has been a phenomenal gross for Universal Studios.  Jurassic World today passed The Avengers and is now the #3 film all-time in global box office.  I fully expect it to pass Titanic for #2, though Avatar’s not budging off that throne (perhaps Episode VII will put a Star Wars film back atop the leaderboard).  With all of its success, it is the least shocking announcement in sequel history that a follow-up film (Jurassic Park 5 or Jurassic World 2….who knows?) has been greenlit for 2018 with both Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt expected to return.

Chris Pratt, Jurassic World

The end of Jurassic World left the door wide open for future installments.  They’ve got Isla Nublar in ruins, overrun by dinosaurs…..again (I am curious to know how they regained control after the first film).  Then the world’s dodgiest geneticist, good old Dr. Henry Wu, and his freakazoid dino hybrid project have been whisked away by INGen (The World’s Dumbest Corporation Since 1993) to a secret location.  Making the Indominus Rex a hybrid was fine.  Unlike the T-Rex from the first film, you never like the I-Rex.  She’s an abomination.  However, if you’re just going to start cranking out hybrid dinos, you stray from the actual dinos, which as Chris Pratt put in the film, “Are ‘wow’ enough”.  So we’ll see what direction they take.  Director Colin Treverrow had said before the film came out that he didn’t plan to do another one (which seemed like a presumptuous statement at the time), but we’ll see if that holds in the wake of Jurassic World’s box office success.
Jurassic World, Jessica Chastain, Indomitus Rex, Jurassic World

2 thoughts on “Jurassic World Sequel Set for 2018”

  1. I wonder how InGen continues to be allowed to do what they do. I mean, it’s a Hollywood trope for authority figures to be hopelessly stupid (and even stupider in sequels, where they have the events of a first film to learn from) but seriously. I can understand InGen paying people off to smooth over the myriad disasters from the first film, but Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm did not seem like they were the types to keep their mouths shut as a new park opened, and I wish there had been some trace of them, some reference other than a photo of Ian (if you don’t know, in the scene where the two kids are riding the monorail, a person can be seen in the background reading a book by Ian Malcolm. You can tell because Jeff Goldblum’s photo is on the back). I wonder if any of the actors from the original film will be enticed to appear in the next sequel or beyond.

    At any rate I think the theme park dream is now officially dead. I hope the next film does not focus on the military application of the dinosaurs, but I’m thinking it might, because it’s the logical place to go given the very clear signals sent by the script.

    Let’s pray Trevorrow is enticed into making the sequel, because there are rumors he’s being considered for Episode 9 instead.


    1. INGen is the most incompetent evil corporation in movie history, but they’re nothing compared to, say, Bank of America, so I have no problem believing they can keep doing whatever they want. They just have personal members of Congress like most big corporations in our sad little failed democracy (yeah, ok, my bitter political science master’s just reared its head). If they’re writing off the other sequels, I’m not kidding that I think as soon as the credits rolled on the first film, someone shot down that chopper with an RPG. I don’t see any other way those characters would have shut up about what happened. I too hope Treverrow comes back, because I don’t want him anywhere near a Star Wars film. He’s only made TWO films and Monsters is kind of a Jurassic Park rip-off so giving him the reins to the concluding episode in an arc, even if it is written by Rian Johnson, would be a major misstep. I think the astounding success of the film will override Treverrow’s previous hesitance and Universal will shove a sizable stack his way to do it. Though I didn’t particularly love it, I can’t hate on the film for the simple reason that it has made Chris Pratt probably the hottest leading man in Hollywood and it couldn’t happen to a nicer, cooler guy. I just am stunned that this is going to end up passing Titanic. I knew Episode VII had this kind of potential for box office dominance, but if I would have picked any film out of the summer, it would have been Avengers 2. I also would have never guessed at Furious 7’s success. Universal could take it easy the rest of the year and still have one of the best years any studio has ever had.


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