Prisoners, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Denis Villenueve

The Most Underrated Films of the Last 25 Years!

Stranger Than Fiction, Harold Crick, Will Ferrell


The first post from the new Killing Time HQ has to be something special; something memorable.  Now, I could’ve gone to see Fantastic Four.  We could have all shared a memorable time listening to me spew venom forth on another failed attempt to do what only Brad Bird has succeeded in doing: getting the FF right.  I could, but that would involve me actually paying my money to SEE the motion picture.  As a grad student once again, I can tell you that is a lot of Ramen that I’m trading for a guaranteed foul mood.

No, what we should celebrate are the hidden gems; the overlooked films.  We’re going to go back 25 years (starting from 2014) and I will posit my most overlooked film.  The criteria for such is as follows: the film must have received little to no critical awards, the film cannot have been a blockbuster, and the film must be at least a 8.5 on my ratings scale (the one that matters).  Some of these you may have seen, some you may have never heard of, but in my opinion they’re all good and they all got overlooked.  Let’s try to cleanse our mental palates of non-MCU Marvel films and find some new friends.

2014: The Maze Runner

2013: Prisoners

2012: The Impossible

2011: Warrior

2010: The Ghost Writer

2009: In the Loop

2008: The Brothers Bloom

2007: The Hoax

2006: Stranger Than Fiction

2005: Kung Fu Hustle

2004: In Good Company

2003: Big Fish

2002: Hero

2001: Black Hawk Down

2000: High Fidelity

1999: Galaxy Quest

1998: Rounders

1997: Waiting for Guffman

1996: Courage Under Fire

1995: Outbreak

1994: Nobody’s Fool

1993: Rudy

1992: Sneakers

1991: What About Bob?

1990: Awakenings

4 thoughts on “The Most Underrated Films of the Last 25 Years!”

  1. Ahhh, you included some of my fav’s: Galaxy Quest, Big Fish & Warrior could easily find themselves on my list of overall Top 100 movies of the last 25 years…excellent choices!


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