My Favorite Scene: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) “Flying Bicycles”

It’s a scene that’s become so iconic that Spielberg’s production company, Amblin Entertainment, uses it as its logo.  I recently had the joy of watching E.T. for my 500th time, but with two little girls for the first time (if that sounds weird, chalk it up to allergy meds and not me being a pedo; my nieces for crying out loud….stupid benadryl, it’ll destroy your writing).  At any rate, while I always love seeing the film, it really made my day to see how it captured kids still.  It’s such a simple story: kid finds alien, kid gets alien back home, but it captures so much about being a child and the possibilities you feel at that age.  I would love to pull up an arcane scene that sticks with me, but, no, it’s the bicycles flying across the moon to another of John Williams’ classic themes.  It’s magic.  It’s why we watch movies.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) “Flying Bicycles””

  1. I miss the 80’s so much. They did so much in those days with so little. Now Spielberg has turned into a grownup, Jim Henson is gone, and Lucas is retired. Tim Burton isn’t the same director he used to be.

    I have so much faith in these new SW films. Intellectually I’m preparing myself for at least a little disspointment, but emotionally I hear the LEGO guys mentioned in the same breath as Han Solo, and I’m six again.


    1. I’m glad I grew up in the decade I did. I think the things of my childhood were so special and have remained so special as an adult. Part of what I’ve loved about the MCU and hopefully with SW is that I feel a little bit of that again.


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