Star Wars, Star Wars Episode VII

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker from Episode VII: The First Picture!

Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Episode VII


There he is.  This is the first picture of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker since 1983.  Honestly, he looks a lot like I had imagined he would.  A lot of Obi-Wan, but still the farm boy.  There have been several articles on Episode VII released lately and I promised I wasn’t going to get into details, but I will say that what sold JJ Abrams on doing this film was the question “Who is Luke Skywalker?”  The cryptic answer for now is “”War distorts any soul, and getting older always comes with compromises. Each one takes a piece of you — parts that can’t be replaced like a cybernetic hand.”

I think we all assumed the original trio were going to only be in Episode VII; that this trilogy wasn’t really their story, but I think it may end up being both the next generation’s and Luke’s.  I think for whatever reason Luke has been hiding, he’s about to go through a metamorphosis as profound as the one he went through in the first three films.  That excites me even more, and at this point I’m about as excited for this film as any since The Fellowship of the Ring, but I knew what was going to happen there largely.  Here, and I have only indulged in very mild spoilers, I really have no idea what the story is, but for all that ignorance, I feel very confident that something special is about to happen.  Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens December 18, 2015.

3 thoughts on “Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker from Episode VII: The First Picture!”

  1. Dave, I too am just about certain that something amazing is coming. Abrams has managed to show us pieces without revealing any semblance of the whole, and they portend something truly marvelous.

    However. There are some people out there on the Internet (I’m not sure they even exist outside the net; I like to think of them as Marty McFly when he started to evaporate) and they all have the same story to tell about the plot of Episode 7. They are all suspiciously in lockstep, and they are all very… very… sure of themselves. And if their version of events is correct, this movie is flawed in such fundamental ways that I scarcely know where to begin, and the wrath poured out on Abrams will make that other fellow with the initials “JJ” look beloved.

    I have been disregarding these dark spy reports. I don’t believe that Abrams is going to screw this up. All the concrete evidence points to that 2.2 billion figure that’s getting tossed around. But I’m still doing my best to manage my expectations. As Star Wars fans we have all pinned our hopes on this movie, and we need to be realistic as well as hopeful.


    1. I’m aware of the hysteria, but I have to operate on what has been confirmed and what I’ve seen. Every photo, every confirmed story detail, every piece of footage for Episode VII has so far done nothing wrong in my eyes. I’m aware that, as a group, Star Wars fans are hyper-wary and have been burned and I’m more than in the group that feels burned. I’ve been skeptical, but when I look at what Disney and Lucasfilm have set up with this film just as the spearhead, they know it has to work and has to get the fans back. More is riding on this film than Episode I. I wish they had released the next trailer during D23 to quiet some of the fears, but the reality is that this is going to smash every box office record that exists. We’re all going to see it. Disney knows, though, that they’ll be fighting a jungle war with the fans burned out by the prequels the rest of the way though if they aren’t brought back by Episode VII and they aren’t just going to stop with Episode IX. This is going to be a permanent part of Disney’s stable. Until I see something or have a confirmed plot that takes me out of the happy place this film puts me in, I’m choosing to operate on hard info only and with that I am nothing but excited.


      1. Well, rumors aside, the hard information does make this entire enterprise look incredible, to the point where it doesn’t seem like Disney is making any mistakes at all. Except maybe Treverrow, but the script will overcome any weaknesses he might have as a director, just like Kasdan’s script for Jedi overcame Marquand (may he rest in peace, and he’s one of my heroes BTW for directing that film).

        This picture of Luke gives me chills, and I keep saying that visually, this movie looks like the OT, only better. That mechanical beast of burden in the recent photo is a case in point. I don’t think Abrams would lovingly slave over the details only to drop the ball with the script. Some (OK, most) believe that Lucas did, but he’s in a category of his own making. To say that more is riding on Episode 7 than Episode 1 is the understatement of the century. Episode 1 was made by a man with nothing to lose. He was interested in making three movies and ending it there, and he followed his own star. But after today, Disney has millions of SW fans planning to make a pilgrimage to its theme parks.

        The supposed miscalculations I keep hearing about don’t make any sense in the face of this movie’s importance. The mistakes in judgement would have to have gotten through many, many layers of oversight, and the Kennedy Layer alone would have put a stop to them. My ingrained philosophy has always been to hope for the best and expect the worst, and I can’t unlearn it. It’s a defense mechanism. But right now it’s becoming cool to love Star Wars again, and I am basking.


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