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POLL RESULTS: Best Star Wars Movie

The community has spoken and spoken clearly: The Empire Strikes Back is still the standard by which all Star Wars films are judged.  Not only did Episode V win, it never had less than 50% of the vote the entirety of the poll.

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What was surprising was that the original, A New Hope, was languishing just above Attack of the Clones until last week when a late rush swept it to second.  It battled Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith, which finished third and fourth, respectively. For all the prequel hate, Episode III was bouncing between second and fourth the whole month.  Revenge of the Sith is my third favorite film in the series and I think if you just watch Episodes III – VI (for now), you still have a pristine franchise.
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In the battle for last place, Episode I eked past Episode II at the last second and, rightly so.  For all the things that are bad in Episode I, the movie is fixable.  I could literally sit down right now and combine it with Episode II to make one, awesome movie.  Episode II is a waste.  It has the least impact of any film in the series, the fewest cool moments and I will listen to Gungan talk all day before sitting through Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman deliver the least romantic film dialogue in cinematic history.

Much to learn, have you.  Show you, I shall.
Much to learn, have you. Show you, I shall.

I think you got it right, Time Killers.  I would swap Jedi and Sith in my rankings, but otherwise my rankings are yours.  Your sage geek wisdom shines through once more!  I’ll leave this one up for a few days before we dive into the annual September poll on The Best Show on TV.  Game of Thrones won year one; The Walking Dead last year; who will take home the crown in year three?  Start cogitating!
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5 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS: Best Star Wars Movie”

  1. I seem to belong to the majority which is unusual for me but I can watch The Empire Strikes back any time… Return of the Jedi my least favourite, only because I personally do not like the Ewok characters…


  2. If you rewrote the romantic dialogue and created a new character to take the place of Boba and Son (Durge would have worked just fine) Attack of the Clones would have been absolutely wonderful.

    There’s the old-fashioned assassination attempt followed by the airborne chase, the “You don’t want to sell me deathsticks” scene, Dex’s Diner (and Dex himself, and the mysterious past he seems to have shared with Obi-Wan), Yoda instructing the younglings, that armored guildsman modulating his voice through the dial in his chest, the satellite dish that springs from the wing of Ob-Wan’s ship, Christopher Lee, Yoda unleashing holy hell, the incredible sequence in the factory followed by the most epic battle in SW history, pulled off by George Lucas with immense energy and style. Also there’s the creepy scene in the Lars garage that gives the garage scene in ANH so much added weight, there’s the fact that Anakin slaughters women and children, and the fact that the clones fought on the side of the Jedi in the Clone Wars (which I loved because no one saw it coming, though we should have seen it as a possibility all along). And that mirrored spaceship is really cool.

    Plus we learn that Jar Jar Binks had a point all along, which was to hand emergency powers over to Palpatine and innocently cause the rise of the Empire, and that makes the Jar Jar pill easier to take. Plus Palpatine’s eyes flash yellow when he’s officially given the emergency powers in the senate chamber. No joke.

    Sorry for the long post, it’s just that to me AOTC has too many cool and amazing parts to be able to fit here in this comments section. You are entitled to your opinion, which you know by now I respect, and the romantic dialogue is so bad it does tarnish the film. A lot. So no argument from me about that. But I would simply call ATOC the most uneven SW film, and stop there. I have a lot of fun every time I watch it, and the “sand” speech is the reason the remote control was invented.


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