Poll: What is the Best Show on TV? 3rd Annual KT Viewers’ Poll!!!

Twice yearly, the Killing Time Community makes a legacy selection. Every year in September, we vote for the best show currently on television. Every year before the Oscars, we vote for the best film of the previous year. These two polls become part of the history of the site (and I’ve been meaning to do a widget up to honor past winners of both polls).


TV is better than film right now. There’s more quality and quantity of good storytelling and amazing acting being done on, mostly, cable television than there is in movie theaters. It’s a dramatic shift, and I think it may be a permanent one. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be amazing movies, but I think the mid-level film has been replaced by that talent developing a television series.  Plus, the network drama is so eclipsed by cable, that the only two nominees not from a cable network are The CW’s fantastic duo of Arrow and The Flash.  Netflix, HBO, AMC, etc.  These are the places for quality TV in this day and age.

You’ll note that there isn’t a single comedy on this list. The television comedy has never been in such a dismal state in my lifetime. The Big Bang Theory is fading, we lost 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation. Nothing outstanding is there; therefore nothing funny got nominated. These are, in my opinion, the best ten dramas on television. To count for the poll, the need to be ongoing, and we lost a lot of good shows this year. We said good-bye to Mad Men, Justified, Sons of Anarchy and Parks & Recreation amongst others.

Daredevil, Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock

Mull over your vote. Game of Thrones Season Three won Year One. The Walking Dead Season Four won Year Two. Which show will take home Year Three’s crown? This is one of the two most important polls we do annually so it will stay up a full 30 days before we crown a winner.

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