Bill Murray, Groundhog Day, Punxsatawney Phil

How Long Was Bill Murray Trapped in Groundhog Day? has done a phenomenal amount of research and come up with the answer to something that I’ve always wondered about one of my favorite films: 1993’s Groundhog Dav.  The film, featuring Bill Murray as Pittsburgh weatherman Phil Connors, has him trapped in Punxsatawney, PA, waking up over and over and over again, reliving Groundhog Day.  Over the course of his purgatory, Phil comes to know every single person in the town, masters some pretty difficult skills, learns several languages and kills himself about 20 times.  None of it works.  He wakes up every day, February 2nd, and it all starts over again.  Bless you, Whatculture, for doing the math.  If this is one of your favorite films, you have GOT to watch this.
Bill Murray, Groundhog Day

One thought on “How Long Was Bill Murray Trapped in Groundhog Day?”

  1. I once heard Harold Ramis say that Phil spent thirty years reliving the same day. This video backs that up in a very convincing way, and I have new respect for Ramis, because he obviously thought it out.


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