Batman, Ben Affleck, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Trailer Time: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer #3 (2016) *I Just Have a Bad History With Freaks Dressed Like Clowns*

I guess Jimmy Kimmel Live has become the new battleground for super hero trailer wars.  A week after Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. delivered the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War, Ben Affleck dropped by with the third full trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I hated the first trailer, I was very much encouraged by the second trailer and – while I have some concerns – the third trailer absolutely is the best.  It gives away too much plot is my only concern and confirms Doomsday and who Doomsday is.  But this whole fight looks like an orchestration of Lex Luthor playing on a natural dislike that each man has for each other.  It feels very true to their characters, and while I still have some concerns about the packed nature of the film, I’ll be there March 25th when it opens.Batman, Superman, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavil, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer #3 (2016) *I Just Have a Bad History With Freaks Dressed Like Clowns*”

  1. This is not going to be what WB is hoping for. I have a feeling I’ll love it personally, but it cost an ungodly amount of money to make, it’s going to have a humorless, dismal tone, and no one I know is remotely interested. Of course I am not surrounded by comic book nerds, but if the nerds are the only people who want to see this, trouble lies ahead. And in my experience the first thing people say when they hear about this is: “Why are Superman and Batman fighting each other?” And they say it in a perplexed, skeptical way. Because most people don’t know that there is a tradition of animosity between these two characters. Most people haven’t even heard of Miller’s masterpiece. Then I see Jared Leto playing the Joker with a jacket and no shirt, covered in tattoos, and I put all my money on WB flubbing everything. Except I don’t, because despite it all, I want this franchise to succeed. But WB is doing a very, very bad job of marketing this to the average guy, and they need to wake up fast.


    1. Comic book nerds are nuts over it, but right now, nothing in 2016 is buzzing so you can even hear it over TFA. That was a hell of an entrance by Wonder Woman, but Zod as Doomsday seems like kind of a big plot point to gift in a trailer. The Batman solo film is rumored to be based on Death in the Family and Under the Red Hood which would explain the constant placement of Jason Todd’s defiled costume. THAT is a film, directed by Affleck, that I want to see.


      1. OK, I didn’t know that was the plan for Affleck’s movie. That gives me some much needed hope. I really am wishing these films well, because as much as I love the MCU I was always a DC guy at heart.

        I just find WB’s planning to be a little strange. Actually, a lot strange. I think it’s weird to make a Suicide Squad movie so soon. It looks incredible, but shouldn’t Justice Leage come first? Shouldn’t WB try to endear the heroes to the audience, instead of going straight into villains on parade? And why are they pitting Batman and Superman against each other in the film that’s supposed to be kicking off all the excitement? Why are these two clashing before they’ve been properly established? Why not let Affleck make a solo film, a Death in the Family film, first? THAT would be unlike any Batman film to date, and would be a perfect way to give this new Batman a dramatic, emotional entrance onto the scene. And why not establish Superman over the course of a few more films before having him meet everyone else in the universe? Of course I know the answer for that, it’s because MOS underperformed, but the solution is to retool and make the next solo film better, not to shortchange the character as they rush full speed ahead.

        They’re rushing to keep up with the MCU. They feel like every second they’re missing out on all the wealth. No one seriously believes BvS is going to bomb, but the people at WB are going to be disappointed. We’re living in an age where a half a billion dollars isn’t enough anymore.

        I hope I’m wrong, because I waited a long time to see these characters treated with the kind of respect that WB is going for.


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