Star Wars Episode VII, Daisy Ridley, Rey

All Trailer, Features and TV Spots For Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!!!

This is the last post Killing Time will be doing until I post my review of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on Friday morning.  The film premiered last night, and Disney’s embargo on critical reviews of the film lifts at 12:01 a.m. 12/16/15 (which is the exact moment I’m scheduling this article to post).  After JJ Abrams and Disney have done such an amazing job keeping a lid on things with this film, I want to go into it with only what I already know and no more.  I’d like to write my own review before I read anyone else’s.  Because there’s no way to avoid it otherwise, I’ll be going Internet-dark after finishing this post.

Star Wars Episode VII, Finn, Rey, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley

It’s hard to explain how personally important the Star Wars films, characters and universe are to me and to millions of other fans around the globe.  For all that I criticize him, George Lucas created something wonderful, something that has proven one of (if not the) richest canvas for storytelling in science fiction.  There are so many moments, so many lines, so many bits of Star Wars that make their way into my daily life that the thought of a whole new realm of that opening up has been something that has filled me with hope during the darkest period of my life.  I don’t know how good it will be.  I am so hopeful that this is going to be the film that makes Star Wars a unifying, positive experience for fans again.  We’ve covered Episode VII like no other film in the history of this site and that we’re now only hours away from a new chapter in this saga makes me a little kid again.  That’s what Star Wars does at its best.  It turns us all back to a time when anything was possible and imagination was our guide.

Kylo Ren, Adam Driver, Star Wars, Star Wars Episode VII

The review I post on Friday will be as spoiler-free as I can possibly make it.  Be considerate of other fans and let everyone have their own experience.  After a few weeks, I promise I will post another review after viewing number umpteen and then we can all pick it apart with the geeky fervor only Star Wars fans can summon.  Until then, May the Force be with you all!
Star Wars  The Force Awakens Trailer (Official) 1 2498

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