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Flite Test Makes Actual Flying Star Destroyer!!!!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is enjoying the holiday season and watching Star Wars Episode VII annihilate every box office record in its path.  I plan to see it again tomorrow (hey, life got busy, people) and post my spoilery reveiw then.  In the meantime, news during the holiday is somewhat sparse, and I also do want to catch up on the 2015 releases I’ve missed while looking at a calendar and using The Force to will December 18th to happen faster (you’re welcome).

So that is the reason, aside from it being inherently awesome, that today’s post centers around an actual, flying Imperial Star Destroyer.  One of the best things about having Star Wars fans all ramped up again is that things like THIS happen.  The guys over at Flite Test got their backs up when an Internet debate started over the issue of Star Wars ships not actually being flight-worthy.  So they did what any of us, Star Wars loving fans would do (who have a clue how to tinker with things): they built a 15-foot long flying Imperial Star Destroyer.  Suck on that, doubters!  No go see Episode VII again!


One thought on “Flite Test Makes Actual Flying Star Destroyer!!!!”

  1. Star Wars makes everything better, including things that on the face of it shouldn’t need any help, such as Christmas. This is a good time to be a SW fan. Bask in it, because times like these don’t last. For a good portion of my life (post original trilogy, pre-prequel) Star Wars wasn’t relevant, and after the prequels it was no longer cool, but now everyone I know is either stoked to see TFA, or has already seen it, and LOVED it. These are not SW fans I’m talking about, these are people who can’t tell the difference between practical and digital, who don’t know what “Han shot first” means, even though I’ve probably explained it to them repeatedly. I’ll be going to see TFA for a third time ASAP. Just so you know, it actually gets better upon the second viewing.

    I hope your Christmas was as pleasant as mine. I hope you were able to eke out some peace in the midst of the perverse materialistic frenzy.

    Linus knew what was what.


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