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POLL: Best New Character from Episode VII

One of the great things about a new Star Wars film isn’t just that we get a new movie to add to the saga, but an entire addition to an already-ridiculously huge world of fiction.  Each character that comes onscreen in a Star Wars film has a backstory somewhere.  Each film exponentially increases the richness of Lucas’ universe and Episode VII provided us with one of the best crops of new characters of any film thus far.  So who was your favorite?  Rey?  Finn?  Kylo Ren?  Are you part of the cult of BB-8 worshippers?  Vote and we’ll crown the KT Best New Character at the end of the month!
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23 thoughts on “POLL: Best New Character from Episode VII”

  1. Phasma could have rivaled Boba Fett in coolness. The problem isn’t her limited screen time, or the fact that she isn’t given much to do. The problem is that by the end of the movie she’s been reduced to a joke, and the garbage chute punchline is just sad. I almost don’t care if I see the character again, because there’s no longer any mystery, menace, or cache surrounding her. All she did was instantly capitulate to the heroes.

    No movie is perfect though.

    I’d be OK if the award went to Rey, Finn, Maz, BB-8 or Kylo Ren. Even Snoke. Such a wealth of terrific new characters! But you left off the stormtrooper with the enormous taser, the one who yells “Traitor!” Now THERE is a character who earns every second of his screen time.


    1. His official designation by Lucasfilm is TR-8R. How cool is that? Phasma was so strikingly cool visually that I think we expected more of her this time, but I think she was set up as Finn’s archnemesis quite nicely and I freaking love the garbage chute line. An interesting tidbit. Her armor is made from the melted down chromium hull of Palpatine’s old Naboo shuttle from Episode I (according to the Ep 7 Visual Dictionary, which I highly recommend). I know she’s in VIII and I think she still has a huge role to play in things.


      1. It is cool indeed that that is the character’s designation. I wonder if the guy they hired to record that one word is set for life now. On the convention circuit, it must be like being one of the original Munchkins.

        I would have loved the garbage chute line if it had not come at the expense of this particular character’s dignity. I did have a feeling going in that one of the villains would fill the Maul/Boba/Jango/Grievous role… amazingly cool but lacking in screen time. Honestly there’s nothing wrong with a character like that. If handled correctly, it creates mystique. I’m just glad it was Phasma who ended up fitting the bill, and not Ren.


      2. I think we spent more time with Ren than we have any villain in any SW film and the film is better because of it. Now they have a solid foundation on him they can explore characters like Phasma more in VIII and IX.


    2. What I think is kind of hilarious is that despite the fact that there is an actual Poe Dameron body pillow you can buy (which I did not), he hasn’t gotten a vote yet. This poll’s gonna be fun.


      1. None of the new characters are bad. Hux was one dimensional, but I thought he was cool and well-acted, and far, far different from his closest analogue, Tarkin. Snoke has grown on me over the course of multiple viewings. The Lord of the Rings Harry Potter vibe is actually kind of striking and weird. Just for the record, I don’t think he’s Plageus.


      2. Andy Serkis has said flat out he’s not. The newest net theory is he’s Vader because of the similarity in head wounds but that’s just dumb. If he’s not Plagueis, he’s someone new. Given that Han and Leia both seemed to know who he was, my theory is that he inserted himself in Luke’s academy and orchestrated its downfall from the inside.


      3. Does Snoke look ancient to you, or just horribly mutilated? Everyone assumes he’s old, but perhaps he’s just disfigured. You would know better than me if his age has been confirmed. I’m only asking if perhaps he’s younger than we think. Much younger.

        It seems to me that Rey is so strong with the force, she’s something we’ve never seen before. I don’t think it’s a plot hole that she can do so many things without training. I think she’s THAT strong with the force. Kylo Ren is obviously not like that, but Snoke might be. In fact, everything points to the real ying/yang relationship being between Rey and Snoke. In which case, what if Snoke is Luke Skywalker’s son, and (most likely) Rey’s older brother? Before you dismiss this idea out of hand, just take a moment and think how much it would explain.


      4. Ok, I think Snoke looks nothing like his projection. I think it’s a total Wizard of Oz homage. So I think his age is totally up in the air now that Plagueis is off the table. I don’t think Snoke is Luke’s son. I do think Rey is Luke’s daughter and that she had some fundamental training at the academy before the massacre that she either supressed herself PTSD style or that Luke blocked to keep her hidden. I’m more of the opinion that he thought she was dead, because he didn’t go looking for her. She and Ren both are stronger in the force than possibly any Jedi/Sith we’ve seen at this point and it’s all very raw. I think Snoke has given Ren the bare minimum of training because he didn’t need any more until an adversary emerged, but he’s demonstrated Force power and control we’ve never seen and it’s only his uncontrolled temper and conflict that’s keeping him from elevating. The training of both Rey and Ren is I think going to be a central parallel theme in VIII. The interesting point will be how soon after that fantastic last shot do we pick up? The closest between SW films is Empire and Jedi and that’s a year. Gosh it’s fun to be able to speculate like this as a unified fan base again.


    1. I don’t agree she was a disappointment. I think her role in the marketing promised more than they were prepared to deliver with her in this film though I think there’s much more in store. I do think Rey in one film became the best female character in the whole saga. That TFA was Daisy Ridleys first movie blows my mind.


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