Movie Review: Deadpool (2016) *MAXIMUM EFFORT!!!*

Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds

Wow.  Just….wow.  Ryan Reynolds fought an over-the-top battle to get a true-to-the-comics, R-rated Deadpool movie to fans for 16 years, and the end result is not just a great comic book movie, but the funniest one ever made.  The Merc With a Mouth was the role Reynolds was born to play.  It’s a truly insane film, worthy of the truly insane character it starts.  This is the role that is finally going to make Ryan Reynolds a star.  It’s getting fantastic critical reviews, breaking box office records and they’re already working on Deadpool 2 (Reynolds will even tell you about it the post-credits scene).  I can’t wait.  This was fun from the credits (which will be hard to top for any 2016 film) til they turned the lights on.  As long as you know what you’re getting into, Deadpool is pretty much the best portrayal of the character in any medium that’s ever existed. Continue reading Movie Review: Deadpool (2016) *MAXIMUM EFFORT!!!*