Far Cry Primal

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Far Cry: Primal (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

The Far Cry franchise, which traditionally involves hunting and trying to stay alive whilst being chased by a psychopath, has done something rather novel with its latest entry.  It’s going all Paleolithic on your gamer butts, as you’ll be hunting mammoths and sabertooth tigers, though I’m sure there’s a psychopath involved at some point.  Far Cry Primal releases today for Xbox One and Playstation 4.  Happy hunting, and enjoy your achievements, courtesy of the peerless folks at xboxachievements.com.

Far Cry Primal – Achievements
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Here Kitty (20 points)
Tame the bloodfang sabretooth.

Big Teddy (20 points)
Tame the great scar bear.

Endangered (20 points)
Fight the bloodtusk mammoth.

Good Boy (20 points)
Tame the snowblood wolf.

Home Improvement (10 points)
Build or upgrade any 2 village huts.

Subdivisions (20 points)
Your Wenja tribe reaches a population of 20.

Tears of Shame (20 points)
Kill and skin 1 tamed beast.

Real Estate Baron (50 points)
Complete all hut upgrades.

Killer’s Belief (15 points)
Eliminate 25 enemies using any takedown.

And Stay Down (20 points)
Eliminate 100 enemies using a club.

Skewered (20 points)
Eliminate 100 enemies using a spear.

Sharpshooter (20 points)
Eliminate 100 enemies using a bow.

Inflammable (10 points)
Eliminate 50 enemies with fire.

David And Goliath (10 points)
Eliminate 10 enemies using a sling.

Outta My Way (10 points)
Eliminate 25 enemies while riding any beast.

Bad Trip (10 points)
Influence 25 enemies using poison.

BEES! (10 points)
Eliminate 10 enemies using sting bombs.

Quickdraw (10 points)
Eliminate 15 enemies using throwing shards.

Right On Target (15 points)
Kill a target 50 feet away or more using a spear.

Bullseye (15 points)
Kill a target 70 feet away or more using an arrow.

Gotcha (10 points)
Eliminate 10 enemies using hunting traps.

Sic ‘Em (20 points)
Eliminate 50 hostile targets using a tamed beast.

Feathered Friend (20 points)
Eliminate 15 enemies using your owl.

Expert Wenja (50 points)
Learn all skills.

Armorer (20 points)
Use the crafting ability 100 times to craft weapons or arrows.

Kanda Of Faith (10 points)
Climb to the peak of Pardaku Lookout and leap off.

Skirmish (20 points)
Capture 10 outposts.

Expansion (50 points)
Capture all outposts.

Conquest (20 points)
Capture all forts.

Menagerie (15 points)
Tame 7 beasts.

Fancy Friend (10 points)
Tame 1 rare beast.

Veterinarian (15 points)
Heal a tamed beast 25 times.

Cave Hoarder (20 points)
Pickup 80 collectibles.

Good Neighbor (20 points)
Complete 15 “Help Wenja” quests.

Mapmaker (20 points)
Discover 15 hidden locations.

Crush Your Enemies (20 points)
Complete 10 “Tribal Clash” quests.

Master Tracker (20 points)
Complete 5 “Beast Kill” quests.

Secret Achievements

This Way To Oros (20 points)
Survive the mammoth hunt.

Spearproof (20 points)
Repel the Udam attack.

Liberator (20 points)
Rescue a Wenja captive from the Izila.

Uncaged (20 points)
Escape the Udam caverns.

Krati, Krati, Krati! (100 points)
Steal the Izila mask of Krati.

Deadeye (10 points)
Karoosh joins the Wenja village.

Spiritual Advisor (10 points)
Tensay joins the Wenja village.

Mister Fix-It (10 points)
Wogah joins the Wenja village.

Gray Huntress (10 points)
Jayma joins the Wenja village.

Twelve Labors (20 points)
Complete any 12 specialist missions.

To Ash (20 points)
Complete the mission, The Fall of Batari.

Evolution in Action (20 points)
Complete the mission, The Hunt for Ull.

Mark 4 Wenja (15 points)
Discover the future past.

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