80 HD Screenshots from Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 (Including SPIDEY!)

cwttss01 cwttss02 cwttss03 cwttss04 cwttss05 cwttss06 cwttss07 cwttss08 cwttss09 cwttss10 cwttss11 cwttss12 cwttss13 cwttss14 cwttss15 cwttss16 cwttss17 cwttss18 cwttss19 cwttss20 cwttss21 cwttss22 cwttss23 cwttss24 cwttss25 cwttss26 cwttss27 cwttss28 cwttss29 cwttss30 cwttss31 cwttss32 cwttss33 cwttss34 cwttss35 cwttss36 cwttss37 cwttss38 cwttss39 cwttss40 cwttss41 cwttss42 cwttss43 cwttss44 cwttss45 cwttss46 cwttss47 cwttss48 cwttss49 cwttss50 cwttss51 cwttss52 cwttss53 cwttss54 cwttss55 cwttss56 cwttss57 cwttss58 cwttss59 cwttss60 cwttss61 cwttss62 cwttss63 cwttss64 cwttss65 cwttss66 cwttss67 cwttss68 cwttss69 cwttss70 cwttss71 cwttss72 cwttss73 cwttss74 cwttss76 cwttss75 cwttss77 cwttss78 Spider-Man, Tom Holland, Captain America: Civil War

One thought on “80 HD Screenshots from Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 (Including SPIDEY!)”

  1. My favorite MCU-related news of the week has nothing to do with Civil War. I am elated by the whispers of more Howard the Duck in GOTG2. It warms my heart, because HTD was an offbeat and intelligent title that got a raw deal, along with its fans. Also, if I were making decisions at Disney, I would push for more Howard simply to cause consternation over at WB. Think about it: WB is struggling to make Superman and Batman work, but over at Disney they’re so confident of their success that they’re putting HOWARD THE DUCK into their movies.

    Also, I love Spider-Man’s look, don’t fix what’s not broken.


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