Batman, Ben Affleck, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

All Batman vs. Superman Trailers SUPERCUT!!!

It’s been in the works since summer 2013, but finally next Friday, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (I will be so happy to stop having to type that title) will open in theaters.  What are your expectations?  Word leaking from WB is that the studio is not happy with the film with the exception of Batman.  The estimated budget for the film is a whopping $400 million so it’ll look fantastic, but is it going to get DC’s Cinematic Universe moving or are we going to just get a hodgepodge of these films with an attempt to connect them.  Here’s a supercut of all four trailers.  We’ll know for sure next Friday.
Henry Cavill, Batman, Superman, Ben Affleck, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne

3 thoughts on “All Batman vs. Superman Trailers SUPERCUT!!!”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this. How insane is that? Pretty insane. Almost as insane as the fact that WB is banking on making over a billion dollars with this, when its predecessor (which had the same director and one of the same leading men) only made two thirds of that.

    And yet I’m still hoping against hope. And the fact that the WB execs don’t like it? That could actually be a good omen. A big one.

    If I had been in charge over at WB, here is how I would have mapped out the early stages of the DCCU…

    The first film is a Superman prequel set entirely on Krypton. Then the second film is a Batman reboot, which audiences will latch onto because it will be a Frank Miller-esque take that casual movie fans are not familiar with. Jared Leto’s Joker is introduced in that one, and so is Robin.

    Then you move onto Man of Steel, but instead of the deeply flawed film we got, it’s a film that captures the essence of the legend of Superman, depicting the awe that people would feel if Superman really existed. Lex is introduced in this one, and Batman has a cameo.

    Then the fourth film is the Wonder Woman film. Then the fifth one is Batman again, and is based on A Death in the Family. Then, and only then, do we move onto BvS and Suicide Squad.

    With a little more paitence, and a lot more faith in the longevity of the superhero genre, the DCCU could have been incredible. But there is still a possibility that Snyder and the other creative forces made the best of a bad situation, and that this will be a clash of the titans for the ages.


    1. I really hope so, but with WB’s history of meddling and reactionary moves, anything less than that billion is going to get Zach Snyder fired and the whole slate rethought. I want to be wrong, though. Batman is, by far, my favorite hero, I like what I’ve seen of Affleck’s take, and I like Cavill’s Superman. I think it’ll open around where Deadpool did (how weird a sentence is that to type?) and from there, it’s all word-of-mouth. It’s got basically a free pass for three weeks until The Jungle Book.


      1. All of this begs the question: how on Earth do the people in charge at WB make a 400 million dollar movie designed to kick off a potential multibillion-dollar franchise, and let it get away from them to such an extent that they don’t like the finished product? I’m hardly supportive of meddling executives who don’t understand the material they’re working from, and yet I can’t figure out what gives.

        Also, in a sane world, BvS should be in no danger of getting dethroned by the Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is one of Disney’s few terrible animated classics, and the fact that they remade it in live action is proof that they’re now just going down a checklist. Sadly, the live-action remake thing could have been an inspired idea. Imagine if Disney had decided to rethink and retell all these classic fairy tales and timeless stories in striking, completely new ways. Instead, they’re beholden to what came before. Thank God Disney has Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar to keep them in the good graces of Walt, who’s looking down, and no longer cares about the money end of his legacy.


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