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POLL RESULTS: Batman vs. Superman – Who’s KT Rooting For?

If this was a prize fight, I’d have stopped it halfway into the first week of voting.  I actually had to check and make sure the poll was working because it was 100 – 0 for the Bat.  Some Superfans came along and tried to turn the tide, but Killing Time IS A BATMAN SITE!  No matter how we feel about Batman vs. Superman, we side with The Dark Knight.  The Big Blue Boy Scout can fly away home now.  Go on….scat… one’s crying for you, alien.
Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman, Superman, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck


12 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS: Batman vs. Superman – Who’s KT Rooting For?”

  1. And so it comes down to this. Are you seeing it tonight? Circumstances are conspiring to keep me away from the theater for a few days, but I’m going to go as soon as I’m able. At this point the reviews are SO awful that there’s a part of me thinking that maybe Snyder got it right, or at least righter than I’ve been anticipating.


      1. Ah, yes, the Jungle Book. Will my happy childhood memories of Rudyard Kipling overcome my distaste for the Disney animated version?

        I can’t believe that Batman is fighting Superman and it feels like I’m going to see it happen out of a sense of duty.


      1. Imagine if Joel Schumacher had been under the delusion that Batman and Robin was a classical tragedy, and that the movie was built around Arnold’s interpretation of Mr. Freeze, who was in every other scene.


      2. That’s why they pay me….nothing whatsoever to do this. So foresight is perhaps overrated from a I’m going to actually have to pay money to have a bad experience with my favorite comic book character.


      3. Don’t pay to see this in 3D. It added nothing, and probably made the film look murkier than it already was.



    Batman v Superman is one of those movies you watch, then want to discuss for two hours. That’s because the movie is confusing and makes no sense, and you’re desperate to latch onto any explanations at all. It’s possible some explanations exist, and I missed them. If so, don’t think less of me. There is so much pointless information cluttering up this movie that I’m sure some important details slipped past. For example, walking out of the film I didn’t know where Lex Luthor got the fingerprints he used to open a certain door at an important juncture in the movie (or maybe it was to activate a computer; I don’t remember or care). After the film was over, my friend assured me that there was a scene in which Luthor cut off the fingertips from General Zod’s corpse. Of course, that doesn’t explain why a civilization as scientifically and technologically advanced as the one on Krypton relied on fingerprint scanners.

    At the start of the movie, Batman has been active in Gotham City for twenty years, and the bat signal exists, yet there is a scene where we see a cop shoot at him. I would think that by now, even rookie officers would know not to do that. Also, Batman sadistically brands the bat symbol into the chests of the criminals he apprehends. We are told that such a brand is a “death sentence” in prison, but why? Perhaps Batman only brands the worst of the worst? But why would those criminals need to be branded by Batman for people to know what they did?

    Batman kills a lot of people. He blows them away using guns. He has no code, he’s just a murderous thug. Also he does no detective work. In fact he’s pretty boneheaded. He’s able to bring down Superman using a kryptonite spear, but after the battle he just tosses the spear on a pile of rubble, like it’s garage. This means that in the third act of the film, when the spear is needed to bring down Doomsday, the characters have to waste their time (and ours) as they backtrack to Gotham City to find the spear. Also, at one point he needs some files from Lex Luthor’s computer mainframe, and his plan is to go to a party being hosted by Lex, and waltz into the area where Lex keeps his computers (an area that is accessible to anyone and apparently lacks security cameras) in order to download the files, which he accomplishes in a way that anyone would be able to instantly detect if they happened to see it.

    Why do Batman and Superman want to kill each other? Batman is upset by all the destruction that happened at the end of Man of Steel. But also, Batman is worried about what Superman might do with his powers twenty years down the line. Meanwhile, Superman is worried that Batman is trampling on the rights of the innocent and downtrodden, even though no evidence is given that Batman actually does this. Also, Lex Luthor kidnaps Superman’s mother and tells Superman that if he doesn’t kill Batman, Mom is toast. Lex does this secure in the knowledge that Batman will win the fight, because Batman has kryptonite he stole from Lex. But Lex is given no motive for wanting Superman dead. He does give an outward reason, which is identical to Batman’s, which kind of invalidates Batman’s position. On the other hand, if Batman is right, then Lex is right too, and has the moral high ground, which is just plain wrong.

    Why does Lex drizzle his own blood on the corpse of Zod? How does that help facilitate the process of turning Zod into Doomsday? I assume he’s somehow blending his own DNA with Zod’s, but there is no discernible reason, and no explanation given. Also Lex is able to access the kryptonian spaceship’s computer, from which he will apparently learn the secrets of the cosmos. Presumably the first thing the computer tells him is how to reanimate Zod and turn him into Doomsday. Either that, or Lex is listening to the computer for a very long time.

    We’ve always been asked to suspend disbeleif when it comes to the matter of the glasses Clark Kent uses to disguise himself, and even in this information age of ours I am willing to just go with it. But Snyder did not have to force the issue. As it stands, at the end of the movie Superman’s obituary is on the front page of the Daily Planet. Then Perry White turns five pages in, and we see Clark Kent’s obituary, complete with a photograph.

    At the end, the film cuts between Clark’s funeral and Superman’s. Superman died as Superman, while wearing his costume, so how is it that the Daily Planet knows that Clark is dead? At best, they would know that he was missing. And if Clark’s body WAS found, that implies that Wonder Woman and Batman ventured into the wreckage, undressed Superman’s dead body, then dressed him like Clark Kent. But wait, the last shot of the movie implies that Superman’s body is in that coffin.

    Also, why is Superman memorialized like a fallen hero? What has changed in the public’s perception of him? Nothing.

    I am only scratching the surface, and if you think I am nitpicking, rest assured that the stuff I just listed is not even close to the main reason I disliked BvS. My problem with the movie is that it’s oppressive, boring, and actively unpleasant. The car chase involving the Batmobile is the most incoherently edited sequence I have ever seen in a motion picture, ever. Jessie Eisenberg is bewildering, Ben Affleck is not all that, and neither is Gadot. BvS is one of the worst films I have ever seen.


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