My Favorite Scene: The Jungle Book (1967) “The Bare Necessities”

The animated version of Disney’s The Jungle Book has about as much to do with Kipling’s two Jungle Book novels (oh, yes, there are two) as Disney’s Robin Hood has to do with that particular legend.  Both star Phil Harris as the exact same bear so who knows?  I’ve always loved the movie.  It was my wife’s favorite of the animated classics, so I’m a little bummed I can’t take her this weekend to the live-action version, which is getting incredible reviews.  But when I hear this song, one of my favorites from Disney’s canon, I think of her and smile.


Trailer Time: Dr. Strange Trailer #1 (2016) *BY THE HOARY HOSTS OF HOGARTH!!!*

If Scott Derrickson’s goal with the trailer for the first Doctor Strange move was to leave me with a stupid grin on my face…mission accomplished.  The MCU has been without its Sorcerer Supreme and the realms of magic he safeguards.  Much as Guardians of the Galaxy showed people that the MCU has a cosmic side on par with Star Trek, Doctor Strange will show people that Hogwarts has nothing on the magic in the MCU.  Benedict Cumberbatch, Chewitel Ejifor, Rachel McAdams and Tilda Swinton will star in the magic epic opening November 4, 2016.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Dr. Strange