Trailer Time: Warcraft Trailer #2 (2016) *Can Warcraft Break the Video Game Curse?*

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that video games haven’t exactly translated well onto film in the past. 2016 could be the year all that changes with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard’s Assassin’s Creed and the Duncan Jones-directed Warcraft.  I’m so happy there’s a second trailer out for the film if, for no other reason, I’ve been seriously pounded with the first one in every movie I’ve attended for months.

Azeroth looks fully-realized and Warcraft a totally immersive fantasy film.  What troubles me are the humans.  The acting…is not stellar in the trailers.  So can the world and the story overcome a mediocre cast, or are we just going to have to wait for Fassbender to assassinate the video game/movie curse this fall?  Warcraft opens June 10, 2016.


4 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Warcraft Trailer #2 (2016) *Can Warcraft Break the Video Game Curse?*”

  1. I have a vision of the total obsolescence of the way the entertainment industry does things. Imagine a studio taking something like Batman v Superman, and releasing it as a thirteen hour on-demand television series that’s complex, subversive, sophisticated, and everything else the fans want. Then imagine the studio simultaneously releasing a two and a half hour IMAX version for the masses, in full-blown 4D, so the audience can feel Batman’s spittle getting sprayed in their faces. And then imagine the studio taking the movies, and the series, and releasing interactive versions: video games that can be played, that open whole new possibilities for storytelling and worldbuilding. I think it’s all about to melt together, and the idea of a movie like Warcraft will seem quaint.

    For now though, nope nope nope. This movie will not break the curse.

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    1. Y’know why I like you hanging out on the site, Peter? Stuff like this. Fine thought, my friend. I think Assassin’s Creed WILL bust the curse and Fassbender has been extremely enthusiastic about the film in the press and it’s not even out until November.


      1. Thanks, Dave. I appreciate it. I’m glad I’m able to keep things interesting.

        If Assassin’s Creed doesn’t work out like you hope, there’s always that new take on Mario Brothers that I hear they’re developing.

        it can’t be worse than the first one.

        Can it…? Can it…?

        The problem (other than the fact that the film doesn’t look good to me and the audience in the theater where I saw the trailer actually laughed at it) is that people take one look at the Warcraft trailer, and realize it’s based on a video game, and immediately dismiss it as a nerd thing. If Assassin’s Creed is as good as you think it’s going to be, they should probably leave the video game aspect out of the marketing entirely.


  2. Just to be clear, I know they’re not telegraphing the video game aspect of Warcraft, but people know its a video game, and from the trailers it feels like a video game movie. If Assassins’ Creed is going to succeed, they need to find a way to just package it as a cool thriller.


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