My Favorite Scene: Suits Season One (USA – 2011) “Mike Meets Harvey”

So your favorite shows have just ended, and you now fast the vast abyss of summer TV.  Hopeless.  Not so fast.  Some of the best shows on TV now air during the summer.  Take USA’s Suits and Mr. Robot: two of the most critically acclaimed shows on the air, and the summer is their domain.  The fifth season of Suits hits DVD today (why not on Blu Ray, USA, why you gotta make me go backward?) which is also the answer to “Where did Dave go for two days?”  Suits is one of my five favorite shows on TV, and since I’m tacitly encouraging you all to binge watch your way to current affairs (Amazon Prime members, you can stream seasons 1-4), it’s only fair I take you back to the beginning and tell you what makes the show so very, very awesome. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Suits Season One (USA – 2011) “Mike Meets Harvey”

Movie Review: Risen (2016) “CSI: Anno Domini”

Tom Felton, Joseph Fiennes, Risen
Most Christian films are awful.  It’s not debatable; they’re awful.  When Hollywood tries to make films of the Bible, they usually focus on decadent epics that lose the plot.  When Christians try to make films, the production values are low, the acting is poor, the writing is ham-handedly preachy, etc.  Both approaches miss the point.  Whether you think it’s the literal word of God or merely the most influential book of all-time, filled with stories and fables, the Bible has a million amazing films in it that never get made.  How refreshing it is then, to find a film like Risen.  Who would have guessed a focused, original Biblical film would come from the director of Waterworld? Continue reading Movie Review: Risen (2016) “CSI: Anno Domini”

Movie Review: The Witch (2016) “STAY OUT OF THE WOODS!!!!”

The Witch
I do not like horror movies.  I think I’ve made that clear over years of reviewing films, so you’re going to have to take that bias into account and I am perfectly upfront regarding it.  However, if a film comes along and is critically acclaimed, I usually try to put my genre preferences aside and give it a chance.  The fact that The Witch is at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes is the ONLY reason I watched it in my continuing slog through early 2016 films I missed.  I have now viewed The Witch.  Rotten Tomatoes and I continue to part ways as reviewing metrics, because I would watch London Has Fallen five times in a row before having to sit through five minutes of The Witch again. Continue reading Movie Review: The Witch (2016) “STAY OUT OF THE WOODS!!!!”

Movie Review: The 5th Wave (2016) “Does The Sixth Wave Have the Ending?”

Chloe Moretz Grace, The 5th Wave

With the hordes headed to the movie theaters today to watch the poorly-reviewed Alice Through the Looking Glass and X-Men: Apocalypse, I decided to put that disappointment off and clear through some of my early 2016 backlog.  Films I can count on to disappoint without having to stand in line for them.  This is largely my rationale for having watched The 5th Wave. Continue reading Movie Review: The 5th Wave (2016) “Does The Sixth Wave Have the Ending?”

Poll Results: Best X-Movie of All-Time

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters tonight, and it will be following the KT Readers’ pick for Best X-Movie of All-Time: X-Men Days of Future Past.  Just edging out this year’s Deadpool, DOFP captured the crown in voting that saw nods to six of the eight existing entries (someone voted for X-Men Origins: Wolverine….I want to find you).  My favorite film in the series is X2 followed by X-Men: First Class, but the readers have spoken and DOFP is our official answer to The Mutant Question.