Battleborn Complete Achievement/Trophy List (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

Battleborn is the newest first-person shooter from the folks at Gearbox.  Gearbox really made its bones with the Borderlands series, and has announced that their next game will be Borderlands 3.  Battleborn is already out for Xbox One and Playstation 4.  Check out the achievement list below from your source for cheevos on the Web:

Battleborn – Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
Battleborn (50 points)
Reach Command Rank 100 and earn the Battleborn title.
No Rest for the Wicked (100 points)
Win 30 Story missions or Versus matches.
Solus War Hardcore Hero (50 points)
Complete all Story missions on Hardcore.
Solus War Hero Advanced (50 points)
Complete all Story missions on Advanced difficulty.
Tour of Duty (50 points)
Win a match on each Versus map.
Commander and Collector (100 points)
Play at least one match or mission with all 25 Battleborn.
Sir Hon. Lord Baron Oscar Mike Jr IV, Esq. (50 points)
Collect 25 Titles from completing Challenges.
First Among Heroes (50 points)
Complete a match or mission and reach rank 15 with a Battleborn.
Perfectionist (25 points)
Complete a Story mission without losing any Lives.
The Ol’ One-Two (25 points)
Get 5 double kills.
Behold My Death Lasers and Despair (25 points)
Activate a piece of Legendary Gear.
Solus Sentinel (30 points)
Achieve a Gold rating on any Story mission.
Gotta Punch ’em All (10 points)
Land the killing blow on each Battleborn at least once.
Decked Out (10 points)
Activate three pieces of Epic or better Gear in a single mission or match.
Grow Forth and Conquer (10 points)
Activate a mutation in a match.
New Guy, Everybody. Everybody, New Guy. (10 points)
Complete a challenge that unlocks a Battleborn.
When You Roll Up With the Squad Like (10 points)
Enter matchmaking with a full team of 5 players.
The Blossom’s Fury (10 points)
Complete all Thorn lore challenges.
Brotherhood of the Mikes (10 points)
Complete all Oscar Mike lore challenges.
Keeper of the Blades (10 points)
Complete all Rath lore challenges.
Titanium Dandy (10 points)
Complete all Marquis lore challenges.
Acres and Eras (10 points)
Complete all Miko lore challenges.
It’s My Only Name, Chief (10 points)
Complete all Montana lore challenges.
Rise of the Valkyrie (10 points)
Complete all Reyna lore challenges.
Champion of the Pits (10 points)
Complete all Caldarius lore challenges.
Love and Fire, Death and Kisses (10 points)
Complete all Orendi lore challenges.
Elegance in Engineering (10 points)
Complete all Phoebe lore challenges.
Flyboy (10 points)
Complete all Benedict lore challenges.
The Bears and the Beers (10 points)
Complete all Boldur lore challenges.
Priestess of the Sustaining Mother (10 points)
Complete all Ambra lore challenges.
Hate Furnace at Maximum! 🙂 (10 points)
Complete all ISIC lore challenges.
Me ‘n’ My Monster (10 points)
Complete all Shayne & Aurox lore challenges.
The Wraith of Bliss (10 points)
Complete all Galilea lore challenges.
Civil Ice (10 points)
Complete all Kelvin lore challenges.
Anarchy Rules (10 points)
Complete all Attikus lore challenges.
The Once and Future Champ (10 points)
Complete all El Dragón lore challenges.
Anxious, Angry, and Adorable (10 points)
Complete all Toby lore challenges.
The Captain (10 points)
Complete all Ghalt lore challenges.
Lost Little Eldrid (10 points)
Complete all Mellka lore challenges.
The Spymistress (10 points)
Complete all Deande lore challenges.
The Curmudgeon (10 points)
Complete all Kleese lore challenges.
The Mike Who Lived (10 points)
Complete all Whiskey Foxtrot lore challenges.
A Booming Business (10 points)
Complete The Saboteur on any difficulty.
Desperate Measurements (10 points)
Complete The Experiment on any difficulty.
Divide by Zero Hour (10 points)
Complete The Algorithm on any difficulty.
Mister Wolf’s Wild Ride (10 points)
Complete The Void’s Edge on any difficulty.
Remnants of Codex (10 points)
Complete The Archive on any difficulty.
Shock the Trooper (10 points)
Complete The Renegade on any difficulty.
Traps and Treasure (10 points)
Complete The Sentinel on any difficulty.
Secret Achievements
A Tyrant Undone (25 points)
Defeat Rendain.


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