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Trailer Time: New Star Trek Series (CBS – 2017) *Trek is Back on TV!*

Here’s our first look at the first new Star Trek series since Enterprise drove us all away screaming in horror.  Entitled simply “Star Trek”, the series will begin airing in January 2017 on CBS’ new All-Demand station.  There are few details, but the show runner will be Bryan Fuller, and that is extremely good news indeed for fans of Pushing Daisies and Hannibal.  Fuller got his start as a writer for both Voyager and Deep Space Nine.  The series will be canon and looks like it will be an anthology series, jumping all over the Trek universe, exploring different eras.  This could be an awesome way for the franchise to make its return to the medium where it debuted.

7 thoughts on “Trailer Time: New Star Trek Series (CBS – 2017) *Trek is Back on TV!*”

  1. Fuller is too good for network television. Wonderfalls was inspired, and what I saw of the Hannibal series was SO good that it would have overcome my usual dislike of horror… if I hadn’t been so certain it would be cancelled. As it stands, I decided not to invest my time. But the most heartbreaking one of all was Mockingbird Lane. Fuller did something impossible: he rebooted The Munsters of all things, and took the subject matter seriously, and it actually worked. And Eddie Izzard was poised to become iconic. So much talent and love was bestowed on an incredible pilot, and the network was too afraid to give the show a chance.

    I did not know that CBS was moving into the on-demand game. If this series were being aired the usual way, on Regular CBS, I would say that a show that jumped around in this universe would be WAY too sophisticated to succeed with a general audience, even if it was made by Fuller, and was therefore incredibly good. And the series would have ended in heartbreak after two years spent on life support.

    But on-demand services are the future, or at the very least they’re an important stepping stone into the future, and so this show might actually stand a chance. On the other hand, a lot of Trekkers are going to be irritated that they have to pay for a service to see the new show. That’s not a way to engender goodwill with your target audience.


      1. OK, it’s the next thing I stream. I see it only lasted 23 episodes. If every show on television was limited to 23 episodes, there would be more quality television, and bigger chances taken.

        You never answered my Twin Peaks inquiry. Have you given it a try? I suppose it’s possible I’m viewing it through 1990 lenses… back then I had never seen anything like it. I’ve heard young people say it’s dated… now that there are shows like Pushing Daisies, I guess it’s easy to overlook how transgressive it was when it first aired. But give it a watch, if only for the sake of your cultural education. You have my permission to stop after the episode that follows the episode with the dancing dwarf. If the show is not doing anything for you at that point, it won’t ever.

        It’s just that as a right-brained person, Special Agent Dale Cooper is my patron saint, and I feel like I have a misson to at least show people the door (they’re the ones who must walk through it).


  2. I have a Pushing Daisies question: On a scale with “lighthearted” on one end, and “dark” on the other, where does this show lie?

    I just want to know if this is a show I can use to unwind after a difficult day, or whether there are extremely serious and/or troubling aspects. I can’t quite tell from the premise of the show.


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