Site Note: Killing Time on Twitter

Greetings, Time Killers, I just wanted to drop in and say that I’ve greatly increased KT’s presence on Twitter.  You know the Facebook page ( gets everything this page does plus extra stories that I don’t really have anything to add to and do not particularly want to rewrite.  Now that same extra coverage (as well as everything from the page) will always be on KT’s twitter feed (@sleeplessdave).  Ideally, I should have created a Twitter feed for KT that was not originally my own, but then we picked up 1200 Twitter followers in six days this week and that no longer seems a tenable option.  So if you are a Tweeterer (not a word, should be), follow us there.

PS – I will now say what I said on both Twitter and Facebook already today which is that I hate every one  of you who helped Angry Birds to #1 at the box office.  You realize you just created a franchise, maybe even a shared universe of handheld gaming movies that we’ll never be rid of EVER!  You, YOU, are the reason we’re getting a Tetris Trilogy!  IT’S ABOUT SHAPES FALLING FROM THE SKY!  HOW IS THAT A MOVIE???  LET ALONE THREE??  MADNESS!!!  CATS ARE LYING DOWN WITH DOGS, CLOCKS TURNING BACKWARDS, AAAAARGH!

7 thoughts on “Site Note: Killing Time on Twitter”

  1. “On the planet Tetris, shapes have been falling from the sky for millennia, and soon the planet will turn into a black hole as it is crushed beneath the weight of the shapes. But a chosen one is born, wearing a necklace shaped like a shape, and he has the power to manipulate the shapes, making them form lines, so that they disappear.”

    No, wait…

    “In an alternate 1980’s, everyone in the world is turned into a zombie by playing Tetris. Then, the second movie in the trilogy enters meta territory, as everyone is turned into a zombie by watching the first movie. Then the third one is a Slender Man/Harley Quinn crossover.”


      1. Dave, the great Dennis Hopper once said that back in the early 90’s, his young daughter asked him why he agreed to appear in the Super Mario Bros. movie. He responded, “So we can eat.” And his daughter said, “We don’t need to eat that badly.”

        Back when that movie came out I was a Mario junkie, and had mastered all the games, and I recognized all the myriad references (these days we call them easter eggs) that the filmmakers managed to slip into that movie. It’s weird to say this about that film, but actual love went into it. And I was bewildered that it was still so terrible. I continued to be bewildered, even when I eventually saw Blue Velvet and recognized that Hopper was riffing on his performance as Frank Booth.

        From the moment the Mario movie ended, I knew that trying to make a video game into a film was a terrible idea, and my feelings have not changed since. But a Tetris movie replaces the genetic manufacturing of dinosaurs as the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas, and even if the LEGO movie guys were on the case, I would still feel that way. LEGOS you can turn into so many things. Tetris shapes only turn into lines that disappear. I know I’m preaching to the choir, here. Sorry. But if they really do make a trilogy of movies based on Tetris, if this actually comes to pass, I’m going to give all my possessions to a cult and patiently wait for the second coming, because the end is nigh.


      2. Seen from a certain point of view, life itself is a running gag, but yes, we’re going to have a good time making fun of the Tetris Trilogy.


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