My Favorite Scene: Suits Season One (USA – 2011) “Mike Meets Harvey”

So your favorite shows have just ended, and you now fast the vast abyss of summer TV.  Hopeless.  Not so fast.  Some of the best shows on TV now air during the summer.  Take USA’s Suits and Mr. Robot: two of the most critically acclaimed shows on the air, and the summer is their domain.  The fifth season of Suits hits DVD today (why not on Blu Ray, USA, why you gotta make me go backward?) which is also the answer to “Where did Dave go for two days?”  Suits is one of my five favorite shows on TV, and since I’m tacitly encouraging you all to binge watch your way to current affairs (Amazon Prime members, you can stream seasons 1-4), it’s only fair I take you back to the beginning and tell you what makes the show so very, very awesome.

The premise of Suits hinges on an extremely dicey decision made by attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) when pot dealer/photographic memory phenom Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) flees from the police straight into an interview for Harvard graduate law grunts at one of New York’s most prestigious law firms.  Harvey is bored out of his mind, incredibly arrogant, and kind of jazzed to meet someone who might finally be smarter than he is.  This scene sets up the entire series, and the cascading series of consequences that follow when you hire someone to practice law who has not actually per se been to law school.  It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s core ensemble can rival any on TV, and the Mike and Harvey bromance never ever gets old.  Season six is coming July 16th, people.  Better hop to.

16 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Suits Season One (USA – 2011) “Mike Meets Harvey””

  1. Another one to add to the list. Another one to add to the list.

    Television continues to become more like the movies. Will movies continue to become more like television? Or has the shared universe bandwagon been jumped on too fast?

    For I fear that Disney is destroying Star Wars as we speak. If all the SW films feel the same, non-nerd audiences are going to get tired real fast.


      That might make you feel better. I don’t think it’s as dire as the initial reports made it out to be. I do intensely doubt rumors they’ll add a cameo from Han Solo. I think this is just Disney polishing the film, and until Disney makes a mistake with Star Wars (which they have yet to do) I will give them the benefit of the doubt.


      1. OK, thank you for that link. It did make me feel a little better. Just to be clear, I don’t question that the people at Disney have their hearts in the right place, and I’m not afraid that Rouge One will be bad. Not after the way TFA was knocked out of the park. What I’m afraid of is that Disney is going to try too hard to make Rouge One “match” ANH, not to mention TFA. Variety is going to be this unfolding franchise’s friend. If the Disney execs want every spinoff film to feel like the proper episodes, they’re working against their own best interests, even though they don’t know it.


  2. On the plus side, I think it’s going to be a beautiful day today. I cherish the summer. Because in some parts of the world, the cold times are really brutal. It’s good to remember that we are living in the best time and place to be alive in the history of the world. And yet even we have to travel to imaginary galaxies to keep ourselves happy and sane. Maybe the Disney suits are right about Rouge One, maybe it doesn’t make the Galaxy Far, Far Away seem like a fun place to live, or even visit. I think that more than anything, the prequels were met with a mixed reaction because they were about a really good civilization’s end, instead of the rise of a really good civilization in the wake of a bad one.

    As much as I want to watch Suits, I just can’t bring myself to follow a show while it’s still being broadcast, not in today’s world, where old shows are so accessible and easy to binge on. I need to know that a show ended on a satisfying note, and never went off the rails, before I spend a chunk of my life watching it.


    1. You gotta admit, that scene sells the series in five minutes. I just got season five but first four were amazing; some of the best writing on TV.


    1. Seven you are a person of taste and substance as you are the only person on this site to recognize the brilliance of Suits with me. TAKE NOTE, PEOPLE! You’d think it’d get more notice with one of its cast about to join the British Royal Family (not a sentence I oft get to write).


      1. I just read this! I loved all tv series with the law in them starting from that marvellous old one with Bob something in the name? and then Ally McBeal and many more. But Suits is something quite magical! so intelligent and yet it does not scare me! And that title song is just marvellous. I wonder if she will continue after the wedding? doubtful.

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      2. It’s at its mid-point here in the States for season seven. The show usually airs in two runs per season, but it has an especially long break this time to allow for Markle’s engagement hoopla.


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