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7 Changes George Lucas Made to Star Wars that WERE Good (from IGN)

This is an interesting discussion from IGN that I have actually intended to post for over a year.  It came out around the time of the digital release of the six film set, and it’s a discussion about 7 positive changes made by Lucas during all his tinkering with the films.  Now, I don’t agree with all the things they say are positive.  For example, cutting Jeremy Bulloch out is still a crap move, and who knows if that will hold up if Lawrence Kasdan revamps Boba Fett’s origin like is rumored?  I do think adding Ian McDiarmid to Empire and the Death Star explosions are examples of great changes, and it’s nice to approach the topic from a positive point of view, rather than the general freak out rant that instantly starts when the topic of Lucas’ never ending tinkering does come up.  I generally feel most of the changes are overall unnecessary or detrimental or psychotic (replacing Sebastian Stan at the end of Jedi with Hayden Christensen and the musical number in Jabba’s palace as examples).  But it’s a good jumping off point for conversation and it’s a very good discussion.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

4 thoughts on “7 Changes George Lucas Made to Star Wars that WERE Good (from IGN)”

  1. The best change of them all is the sound effect when the stormtrooper hits his head. In fact, nothing else touches it. I would submit that the second-best change is the fact that the Ewoks blink now, and before you react to what I just said, consider how fake those little things always looked. You could almost see the zippers on the suits. Blinking eyes help sell the whole Ewok concept, which does not need selling when you’re six, but has to be grappled with later in life if you’re a SW fan.

    Most of the SE changes enhance the experience. Not everything has to be necessary. The vast majority of Lucas’s changes give the galaxy a lot more texture and detail. It’s all about immersing the audience in another world, and I have to add that the changes are going to help coming generations enjoy the films, because the unaltered version of ANH was looking kind of threadbare even back in the 1990’s.

    I think everyone can agree that Greedo shooting first and the musical number were ill-advised (I’m being SO charitable here) but the biggest issue by far is the substitution of the Hayden Force ghost. I love the prequels. You know that. But the last time we saw Hayden as Anakin he was slaughtering younglings and screaming at the top of his lungs that he hated Obi-Wan. I know that he cried after killing the separatists on Mustafar, but still, once he turned dark he was so completlley unsympathetic, and so thoroughly despicable, that it does NOT help the cause of the character’s redemption to have him portrayed by Hayden as he stands with Yoda and Obi-Wan as a ghost.

    Lucas’s whole six part saga hinges on Vader’s fall and redemption. If Vader had survived he would have been forced to stand trial, but his soul was saved. And then you see Hayden standing there with a smirk.


  2. Hayden notwithstanding, I think it’s awesome that people are now having discussions about what was good in the prequels. Now that people have some distance, the reputations of I-III are improving, and I think they will continue to improve. Just the fact that there are now some fans who talk about how Lucas’s vision was inspired, but flawed in the execution… I think I invented “Lucas’s vision was inspired, but flawed in the execution.” If Disney had not acquired the rights to SW, maybe the haters would have won, and the prequels would have gone down as footnotes. But SW is suddenly in the air again, and the prequels have a chance to be reevaluated as a part of the larger discussion.


    1. Well, these guys were incredibly positive overall in their discussion, which is nice because -you’re right-prior to Episode VII, the dialogue wasn’t really civil about the saga as a whole. That’s one of the best things TFA did was allow SW to be viewed as more than just the two trilogies always being compared against one another. I think Disney is going to walk back the most unpopular of the tinkering, but they’re going to take their time in doing it (aside from simply reaffirming something like Boba Fett’s survival, which had already been made canon by the previous EU). I think they’re going to be able to go back and explore a lot of the characters and events in the prequels in time, but they’re doing the right thing in starting everything based back at the beginning. It’s uniting the fan base and in time they can build up enough of a reputation for quality that they can go back to the Clone Wars and events from that era. I think a Darth Maul standalone film would be wildly received by the fanbase right now, so given time there’s really no limit to what they can explore.


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