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Site Note: KT Remains Smacked by Mother Nature

Greetings, Time Killers. The storm that smacked us Friday knocked out power to half a million people in my area and it appears my neighborhood is the last on the list to get power restored.  Frustrating, but not much I can do. I  did have to attack the sentient creature that had been born in the blasted Hellscape of my fridge.  Twas an epic struggle and I emerged nauseous and triumphant.  So at least nothing is threatening to displace me as Lord of Apokolips.  I will keep trying to update the Twitter and Facebook KT pages (@sleeplessdave on Twitter and from my phone.

2 thoughts on “Site Note: KT Remains Smacked by Mother Nature”

  1. When something like this happens, you begin to realize how dependent we all are on our electricity. Secretly I think we would be on the level of the Golgafrinchians from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy if everything collapsed and we had to rebuild it.

    I always pray for a nearby working movie theater when the power goes down. I hope you have one to help take the edge off. It sounds like things have been really bad where you are though, so I’m guessing you maybe don’t.

    Have you been keeping abreast of SW8 rumors? Before the storm, I mean. There’s some comically weird stuff being thrown around out there, some weeeeeeird stuff, man.

    To wit:


    1. We are incredibly reliant on electricity and the Internet now. I still had my phone, so was able to do a lot of things, but getting articles up on a phone is not exactly easy. Even today, the power has blipped on and off. We really got hammered, and my whole area felt it so I haven’t been able to get to the theater for Dory yet. I am trying to stay dark on any rumors for Episode VIII, which hasn’t been hard because Rian Johnson has kept as tight a set as JJ Abrams did. What I have read seems so crazy that it would literally ruin the entire saga, and with Disney’s quality control I just discount them out of hand. I’m confident they’re going to deliver something special.


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