3 thoughts on “Justice League Villain, Logo, and Synopsis Revealed!!!”

  1. The other day I rewatched 300, and enjoyed it as much as I did the first few times. This prompted me to give Snyder’s Watchmen another try, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had remembered. It wasn’t great, and I still have questions about the bizarre campy tone, but overall it was a decent stab at an impossible task. And it struck me that 300 was as vacuous as a music video, while Watchmen was trying to faithfully recreate a graphic novel that was nothing but substance.

    I don’t know the particulars of how BvS was created, or what the exact behind-the-scenes soap opera was, but it seems to me that the real mashup wasn’t between Dark Knight Returns and Death of Superman, it was between 300-Snyder and Watchmen-Snyder. And Watchmen-Snyder got smooshed. It’s entirely possible that in Snyder’s head there are perfectly good answers to all the nonsensical stuff, yet Snyder was forced to gloss over it to make room for all the action.

    When a movie’s entire last third is a humongous action sequence, it’s impossible for the movie to be cerebral, too, or even intricately plotted. It’s just not going to happen. Snyder needed to be in his 300 mode. He needed to commit to making a straight-up action film. He still could have taken inspiration from Dark Knight Returns and DOS, but without any pretensions about capturing the thematic stuff. As it stands, it’s clear that he thought he was making something deep, and it is so, so not.

    But Snyder is actually a fine director when the material is right. Check out that CGI film he made about the owls. Legend of the Guardians. Not to be confused with Rise of the Guardians. It’s genuinely terrific.

    I hope he lives BvS down, though I can understand he if he doesn’t.


    1. Oh I’ve seen Guardians, I really liked it; liked everything he did until Sucker Punch (which I will still watch for the fantasy sequences which are amazing, just skipping the super creepy things that connect them). I thought he probably did as good a job adapting Watchmen to a single film as is possible given that it is one of the densest graphic novels ever written. Jackie Earle Haley owned Rorschach. It’s not perfect, and really should have been NC-17, but I don’t hate Snyder. He can redeem himself to me with Justice League. BvS has problems that cannot be fixed by the addition of even 30 minutes of connective scenes like the one in this article. This one capped two huge plot holes, but it doesn’t make Eisenberg any better as Luthor or the overall tone of the film better. I’m glad Henry Cavill didn’t take blame, since WB has gone through Supermen since tissue paper ever since Christopher Reeve. They didn’t give him enough perspective from his side. Cavill is so damn likable in Man of Steel, and he’s just kind of a dick in BvS. I may end up giving the Ultimate Edition a go and doing a re-review. Seeing a New God and Mother Boxes onscreen was pretty great.


      1. Rorschach is the coolest comic book character in history. I know he has his roots in Mr. A and the Question, but there’s just something about the way he plays out in Watchmen, some inexplicable charisma. At the very least he’s the most lovable psychopath of all time.

        Good luck with the Ultimate Edition! I can safely say I will never watch BvS again in my entire life, but that does not mean I’m not hopeful about the future. Usually my motto, “hope for the best and expect the worst,” is a strategy for not setting myself up to be disappointed, but in the case of the DCCU I’m also trying to avoid the trap of rooting for a person/movie/studio to fail. Because that is the definition of bad ka. I even hope the new Ghostbusters is a success. It looks pretty dire, but why would I want my beloved original Ghostbusters to be tarnished?


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