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Darth Vader is OFFICIALLY Confirmed for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; Plus New Details on the First Spin-off!!!

Star Wars, Darth Vader
This is not a huge surprise to those who have been following Rogue One rumors for months, but Lucasfilm is finally admitting that Darth Vader will be returning to action in this year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  The story and cover below come courtesy of this week’s Entertainment Weekly.  The other rumors surrounding Vader is that his presence in the film is “brutal” and that James Earl Jones will be returning to voice the Dark Lord while his bodyman, taking over for David Prowse, will be Spencer Wilding.  You might know him from such things as this:

Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars, Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

We’ll learn a lot more about the first Star Wars spin-off film when EW’s issue hits stands on Friday, but Geek Tyrant has parceled out these nuggets of information from Entertainment Weekly about their cover story:

  • The background of our cover showcases new Imperial weaponry being used against the nascent Rebellion: taller, slimmer walkers known as AT-ACTs hauling cargo, and flatter, fang-like interceptors known as TIE Strikers.

  • New information about Jyn Erso (The Theory of Everything’s Felicity Jones), the outlaw who has clashed with both the Rebellion and the Empire, and now has a chance to clear her ledger of past wrongs by leading a mission for the good guys. It’s also personal – her father, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is a scientist whose knowledge is sought by both sides.

  • Full details of the squad of characters uniting to take on the Empire, played by the most multicultural cast to appear in a Star Wars film yet: Diego Luna, Jiang Wen, Donnie Yen, Riz Ahmed, Forest Whitaker, and Alan Tudyk – as a performance-capture droid. (One of these has been seen before by Star Wars fans.)

  • A look at the skullduggery inside the Imperial ranks, as seen through the eyes of a new villain: Ben Mendelsohn’s ambitious officer, who’s eager to earn the favor of the Emperor – and avoid the wrath of his black-masked enforcer.

  • Candid revelations from the filmmakers about what the current reshoots are adding to the story as the film nears its December release.

  • Finally, confirmation of what fans have hoped ever since the project was announced: Vader is back. We have a run-down of the Sith lord’s first day on set, and what his return means for the larger Star Wars storytelling universe.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16th.  I shall be especially interested to learn who, out of those list of characters, is a pre-existing member of the saga.  None of them visually stand out as a character we’ve before seen (unless that person’s appearance is dramatically altered over the course of the film to, say, put them behind a mask).

8 thoughts on “Darth Vader is OFFICIALLY Confirmed for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; Plus New Details on the First Spin-off!!!”

  1. All I know is that I hear they recreated Vader’s costume from ANH, including all the imperfections. Like, for example, the asymmetrical mask. If that turns out to be true, it proves that love went into this movie, and I couldn’t be more excited.


  2. It looks like Lucas is to be an integral part of Indy 5. Can’t say I saw that one coming. I thought that Lucas’s non-partcipation was going to be an unspoken selling point, and more pertinently I beleived him when he said he had retired. But I’m sure he’s miffed that Disney kicked him to the curb when it came to SW, and maybe Steven is either (benevolently) trying to get his friend’s spirits up, or (from a more sinister perspective) helping him get some measure of revenge against the studio.

    I blame Steven, the director, for whom the buck stops, for Crystal Skull. Almost 100%. He’s the guy who saw something in Shia, and he needed to put his foot down if he did not like the refrigerator, or the vines. The first one-third to one-half of that movie was sensational. It had its own identity, which I love. Going from a serial to a B movie was an inspired idea that Steven was, for some reason, unable or unwilling to sustain.

    You’ve got to love these guys, though. I can’t wait for the BFG.


    1. I’m about as skeptical of Spielberg’s ability to make the kind of action film that made him famous any more as I am of George Lucas’ creative control. I think Ford will have an enormous amount of say in what happens in the film, and I think it was a condition of getting him back for Star Wars one last time. The BFG is running at 70% right now on RT. I’m not sure. I do know that I am looking forward to hearing what the rest of this article has to say on Rogue One Friday. Who do you think is the character among the cast that is pre-existing in the saga? I’m wondering if perhaps this is the beginning of the Kasdan driven retcon on Boba Fett….


      1. Well Fett is the obvious choice, but if he is to be retconned I would think they would start with a solo movie, or at least movie where he is a central character, to establish the retconned version before they drop him into what looks to be an ensemble piece. I wonder if recasting Lando would work? Probably not, since he would be about the same age he was in ESB. Lando is one of my favorite characters though and I really hope Billy Dee Williams shows up soon.

        I don’t know what to make of our modern-day Spielberg and the action genre. Part of me thinks his heart is not in it anymore, and yet I thoroughly enjoyed the Adventures of Tintin. I don’t know what happened with Crystal Skull, but like I said, the first one-third to one-half of that movie lived up to the legend. Then it went as far afield of the rails as I’ve ever seen. I’m willing to give him another chance with an Indy movie though. He really is one of the best directors that ever lived, and Bridge of Spies was pretty unbelievably good, although it should have ended with Tom Hanks standing alone on that bridge (if Spielberg has one big vice as a storyteller, it’s that he has trouble ending his movies where they need to end). I know that the critical response to BFG has been muted, but I just can’t fathom that Spielberg and Mathison could have taken Dahl’s masterpiece of a novel and produced anything less than a wonderful, magical film. And I’ll go on beleiving that until I’ve been proven right, or am leaving the theater disappointed.


      2. I really did like Bridge of Spies and thought the Coens wrote some beautiful scenes (in particular the “Standing Man” exchange between Hanks and Rylance). But there were a few moments where Spielberg gets a little too precious and, yes, his single biggest flaw since Saving Private Ryan (and some even think that film’s ending is schmaltzy, but I completely disagree) is that he has no idea how to stick a landing. Chris Nolan is the best director in modern cinema at opening and closing a film. Nolan’s endings are masterpieces. Spielberg always manages to meander on for up to 30 minutes after a film should have ended (Lincoln probably being the film most hurt overall by his inability to stick a landing). He never had that problem as a younger man. The endings of the first three Indy movies? E.T? Raiders probably would be one of my top 5 endings of all-time.


  3. BTW… there is an extremely obvious way to retcon Boba Fett. Namely, the original Fett died somewhere between AOTC and ANH, and another person took on the mantle of the armor. Maybe it even happened more than once, and the Boba from ANH is the third or fourth person to don the suit. A Dread Pirate Robert sort of thing.

    OK, maybe that last part is silly but I have feeling the Boba from the OT is different from the one in AOTC. Maybe his name is even Jaster Mereel.


    1. No, I agree, and I think it’s the perfect reason to put Jeremy Bulloch back into the OT. Apparently though, the character we’ve seen before is Forrest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera, who appeared in The Clone Wars and was going to be a featured player in Star Wars: Underground.


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