Trailer Time: Sherlock Season 4 Teaser #1 (BBC – 2017)

Sherlock won’t be back for its fourth season until next year some time, but that didn’t stop the BBC from giving us our first look at the return of the master detective at Comic Con.  Despite earlier comments that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman would be happy to play Holmes and Watson into their dotage, there have also been reports that this might be it for the show.  I doubt that since Cumberbatch and Freeman have at least been contracted for a fifth season, but things certainly seem dire for our duo whenever season four premieres.  By the way, there were so SO many trailers that came howling out of Comic Con that I’m going to parcel the rest of them out over the course of this week.  If one more major trailer had been released on Saturday, the laptop on which I am currently writing this would be somewhere between my desk and as far out my window as I could possibly have hurled it.
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Comic Con Trailers for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow New Seasons

While Marvel kicks DC’s tail in the movie theater, it’s pretty much even with the quality of the TV shows the publishers put out (much to the benefit of fans).  DC doesn’t have a mature show line like Marvel does on Netflix, but their usurpation of The CW with Arrow still fantastic into its fifth year, Flash just as good into its third, Supergirl moving over from CBS for season two, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow taking on The Legion of Doom in season 2, and Gotham getting ready for The Court of Owls in season three, that’s a pretty solid line-up for fans to look forward to this fall.  Comic Con had trailers for all five series for you to check out below.





Flash, Kid Flash, Flash Season 3